Give us numbers, even general ones.  Sites of social networking or blogging?
Facing or friending or Twitting; who has received real coin?
I’m not talking about a referral to a job from a listing site or by way of email or the like.
Who has built a website and profited?  C’mon.  You’re out there – right?
Tell us how.     No more free, free, free, time-suck, free, free, free.

Maybe even Steve can enlighten us on this venture.

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Thanks for the reply Lance. Just as I thought. Apparently there’s only one person.
anybody else?

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Sorry for the long delay, but I am FINALLY making money on my website.

It’s a custom built website, game server and game client for playing multiplayer pool games online. Tournaments like mad, Leagues, Forum etc. It’s ALOT of work.

18 months since I turned it on and now the income is coming in. Not alot, but it’s about 4-10x the hosting costs, and this happened overnight.

So lets say <$1000 a month income, outgo is <$100. I don’t want to be specific. And if you’re curious Google Adsense doesn’t even cover 1/2 the hosting bill.

Its free to play forever, runs entirely off ads and incentive based ads, and I give away money to my players. Aint that an odd business model?

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Thanks for the feedback Charles. Indeed a curios business model however not much surprises me with internet biz. While the basics still apply, seems there are many new ways & rules.

Appreciate the candor of numbers.

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Yes, and its a fun business. Like McDonalds, we passed 1/4 million games played today (burgers served). Even had a contest for who could take a screenshot of the homepage showing 250,000 games played, millisecond timing required for that one.

Goal is one Million by Jan 1. Currently I’m running the live music channel on there (DJ’ing) and running a tournament. It’s a blast really if you aren’t working… This is my “off time” job. My new ad partners rock the world though, they really monetized this site for me with no annoying ads at all (in fact, no change to homepage). That was the trick. Me and that ad company are gonna for a ride into places they never dreamed.

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I have had several jobs come my way from taking part in open forums and social media sites and from having a presence in various online directories and services (many of them free).

My total annual expenditure on all of my internet marketing is about 1/4th of my total expenditure for marketing and advrtising. My Internet expenditure is also a fraction of what I used to spnd on direct mail marketing and associated printing, labor and other costs.

As for free, free, free, expect tons of all new business models to develop on both free and freemium marketing concepts. If you’re not thinking free or freemium, you will be left behind.

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god I’m a socializer and do digital marketing, don’t make much money but hope to hahahah

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