Hey guys, I’ve noticed that brands have been evolving, going slim, going healthy, and especially going GREEN.
What trends have you noticed in these brand evolutions?
what are the current trends in brand names right now for new products?
What are the current trends in logos for new products?

Please share 🙂

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I think there’s more of a “greenwashing” trend than actual “going green.” Everyone gets behind the recycling/conservation message but what percentage of these brands do you think are actually making a difference instead of just a statement.? There are probably a few, but I think the criteria for really being perceived as “green” are going to get a lot tougher pretty quickly and those who are faking it will have a big backfire on their hands as far as brand equity.
brands have always worked towards conserving their institutional image, whether its with values, or saving the environment, but you may be right, if most of these brands are just making a statement, consumers will soon figure this out (if they haven’t already) get a bad image of them …
Well, I think we all know that Johnson and Johnson has been pitching the whole family thing and lots of social responsability for a while now. Clorox now had a value priced line of green cleaning products and they are out in mass – Home Depot, etc.

The trend as I see it is for a company who has no social responsabilty whatsoever to do one of three things (as they move their products or services into a eco friendly marketing base)

1. We have always been committ4d to social cuases, the earth and our customers. (Usually said loudly by companies who have paid millions in fines for illegal dumping)

2. We will create 6 or 7 sub brands under our umbrella and make them all look like they are mom andpop businesses being run from a garage out of Berekely.

3. We have seen the error of our ways and have now commited ourselves fully to being green, warm and cuddly. (Companies who will continue to peddle lead based junk from China, but will now do so with a smile on their face)

New brand names include:

Won’t Kill You
Earth Suckers
Mother Earth Singing Volcano Woman
I can’t Believe it’s not partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil

Lgos will start to look more like Hello Kitty, suns and moons, trees and mountains and waterfalls and streams. My new logo for example is of a man pissing into a stream while a bear desperately looks for salmon, which have been fished to extinction and then has the bear turn and attack the man and eat him. It’s all tasteful with a storyteller center.



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