This is an incredible campaign, and I’m only sorry it wasn’t my idea. No matter where you stand on the issue of the United States border policy, you have to admit this is prety darn good p.r.

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Thank you Ceasar Chavez. I am sure we will all follow your lead.

-Your pal Buddy Friendly

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I am trying to figure out how to make something similar.

A fully open site for all true patriots who are concerned about the national debt and big government, so they may demonstrate good old American self reliance and who have the courage to stand up and be attributed.

*Come clean – – Deposit hard cash to our escrow non governmental account to pay off your individual share of the deficit, NOW*

A couple of problems – When it comes to the crunch – ‘true patriots’ and ‘who do we make out the final check to?’ – -‘China’, or what?

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