online content generation is definitely the way to go if you want to send a message to your consumers, get really close to them and create a relationship. Don’t u think? If I want to create a more human, social and direct relationship with my consumers, isn’t social media and blogging the best way? but how do I get this to really work I wonder. I’ve been doing several excersises with some of my brands, but I have seen that if there is not a big reward such as a prize or something, people don’t care much about interaction. Though I think that if they are passionate about the subject (like fashion, design, advertising and anything creative) I see that people do interact only to recieve more info and comments in return.
But what if my brand is something more like salt, or a bank, or latex?
what would be the best way to get people hooked up with my subject?
any ideas?

Tags: blogs, media, social

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