Recently Facebook created Fan Pages so that companies and organizations can use these pages as vehicles to publicize their products, services and causes to other members. Those members who have an interest in those pages would give a vote by becoming a fan. Once they become a fan any posts you make on your own Fan Page would then be publicized to the friends of your fans on their profiles. What a great way to gain free publicity and to build awareness of your company. But here’s the problem! As great a service as the Facebook Custom Fan Pages are, they all look exactly the same.

Facebook Custom Fan Pages By Design will work with you to create a full customized Fan Page so that you stand out from the crowd. They can even be accessed by non-Facebook account holders.

But it’s not just about cosmetics!

Full Facebook Management Service

Not familiar with Facebook, or comfortable in using it? Not to worry – Fan Page By Design offers a full Facebook management service where we will completely set up your Facebook account and begin finding targeted ’fans’ that you can begin promoting your services and products too. We have developed techniques that will not only grow your list, but will also keep them interested in you and your company. Your customers can even order your products and services directly from your Fan Page if you would like them to. Would you like to know more? Subscribe to our newsletter on the right and we will send you more information.

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