We author several websites and Blog Posts for people to find the latest and greatest in exclusive offers and discounts online. I personally enjoy publishing these articles and reviews, and Marina loves doing the research and telling the companies that we have relationships with that they are not on the top of their game! If someone has a great idea for a discount or offer for you, they share it with us and you will not see these discounts or trial offers anywhere else on the internet! We can provide you with free shipping, 50%, 70%, 80%, and even links for 90% off on certain websites when they are making these available to us!

Now I know alot of people have thought about writing Blogs and publishing websites, but website design seems a little “Out-Of-Reach” for those who have never done this before? I highly recommend starting with a Blog first, and then gauging your success to determine if you really want to go on and publish your own website? There is a great site that has the best in the business as far as making Blogging tools available for you, called “Type-Pad”. Check out what they offer, and pay attention to the fact thet they do the search engine optimization for you, so they drive the maximum available amount of traffic to your Blog posts! This works by making sure that when people search Google, or MSN, or Yahoo, or Bing, they get shown your Blog link, and then the conversion of what you are selling once they get to your site is up to you…? Have fun with it, get into it, and be on the internet!

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