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Just how effective is shock advertising? Does it connect emotionally prompting a change in your actions or simply makes you reach for the remote?

Hi all,
I’m a 3rd year university student studying into graphic design/ advertising and currently undergoing my dissertation into the effectiveness of shock advertising and need all the help i can get so all views, opinions, examples, any information at all will help greatly.

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Depends on particulyr advert. Sometimes I like it and falling in love with ad, and sometimes I hate it. But it almost allways get attention, thought.

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Hi Kristina:

Shock advertising is an advertising technique used to attract attention. It was most popular in the late 90s, less so today. The classic shock ads were created for a website, now defunct, and featured such events as the spokesperson shooting tiny animals out of a cannon at a wall. You’re probably seen them.

Some people were turned off by shock ads. But they worked. People watched. And went. But they had little, if any, influence on purchase behavior … either positive or negative.



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