This is the deal:


I got a $0.005 per view ad campaign that I’m about to sign, and the numbers they want are WAY higher than what I got.  So I need to advertise a little bit.


Back in 2000, my friend who I can’t find did beautiful copy for ads when we used to spam for selling fonts for scrapbooking.  It worked great and he had a great view to purchase ratio.


But now I’m not selling anything at all, I just have a simple free to play pool game and I need more players (I will advertise (targeted) on facebook.(I pay for it) )


So I’m looking for someone who will do a one page ad, landing page design (I’ll code it), and a simple 125×125 image for a facebook ad and 4-30 words copy.  Everyone I talked to said small, 1 page, all above fold with 2 buttons (but that’s your job), Play now as Guest, or register now.  Short quick and sweet.


Payment?  Revenue share from video ads on page load.  We can work out the details.  I got a pretty damn BIG purchase order, and I’d sure as heck like to fill it completely.  I am open to discussion, but will need to brainstorm on the phone.


Private message me or reply here, doesn’t matter. 

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