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Aleksandar Ratkovic Marketing in Snow removal business

If you are in snow removal business, you can earn extra profit with marketing. With right approach, you can find companies, especially those who have lots of business in winter, to advertise with big stickers on your snow removing machines and vehicles. That approach you could start selling advertising space on worker’s hats, jackets, etc.
That’s also good idea for marketing agencies, to connect snow removal firms with their clients who would like this k… Continue

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Melinda M. Sorensson Investment Portfolio

I currently have the following to offer:

Several Greek Islands ranging from 7 Million Euros to 100 Million Euros
A winery in the US for 25 Million US$
A US Resort for 250 Million US $
An investment package in the category of hotels/resorts for 90 Million US $
Several Companies in Europe Ranging from 20 Million Euros to 100

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Aleksandar Ratkovic Real estate blog ideas

Blog is very powerfull tool in internet business. But in many different fields peole can have a lack of ideas what to write about on business blog. Here are few ideas about what to write about on real estate blog?
Firts of all, the best way is to concentrate on your geo location, where you are selling real estates. Like, make a blog that will cover mostly real estate in Montenegro, or real estate in London, for example.

Then, the ideas… Continue

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Doris Anne Beaulieu How to make a Christmas Wreath


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The Importance of the Website for Luxury Brands.


Added by Lorre White "The Luxury Guru" on November 8, 2010 at 10:19am — No Comments

Aleksandar Ratkovic Marketing on silicone keypads

Here’s an interesting idea. You all know about those universal keypads you can use for TV, VCR (if someone still use it), DVD, and other tech devices. You can order custom silicone keypads printed with your logo on it. Then, give away keypads as a gifts. You can give them to loyal customers, or organize some quiz on local radio, give a coupon for free keypad in newspapers, … There are so many ways but people who get your keypad will think about yo… Continue

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Gianni Truvianni’s Links

My name is Gianni Truvianni, I am a writer and it is to those who maybe interested in my work that I present the following links.


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Gianni Truvianni’s Links II

My name is Gianni Truvianni, I am a writer and it is to those who maybe interested in my work that I present the following links.


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Brian Asner Check Out Who’s Checked In (on foursquare)

Normally, we’d be thrilled just to see that marketers are taking a chance on location-based services like foursquare. But, in the past few months, we’ve seen brands go way beyond dipping their toes in – they are kicking, splashing, and cannon-balling into these uncharted waters.

I… Continue

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Aleksandar Ratkovic Fax marketing

There are many marketers that use fax advertisements to reach out to existing and potential clients. In fact, they use written advertisements and fax machine is just a tool.
If advert is targeting future, prospective clients, then it’s the very similar approach as telemarketing. Goal is sending out a large number of written ads to fax numbers hoping that will bring new clients. People usualy don’t like receiving this kind of fax messages. It’s like s… Continue

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Silicone Heat Resistance

Compared to organic rubbers, silicone rubber in general have high heat resistance. Silicone rubber can be used semi-permanently at 302°F with almost no change in the properties and can withstand more than 10,000 hours of continued service at 392°F. With this excellent heat resistance, silicone rubbers are widely used in application requiring heat resistance.
Heat resistance of general purpose silicone rub… Continue

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St.Louis Cyber Crime Technology Developers


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Aleksandar Ratkovic WWW to non WWW or reverse?

You have an established site for some time and you just realized, or some SEO consultant told you, Google see your WWW and non-www pages as different pages with same content. So, you shall make 301 redirect on one way or another. but what way to chose?
Make a small analyze first. How many www pages Google indexed from your site? And how many non-www?
Then, analyze inbound links. How many links d… Continue

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Jorge Parra New York Fashion Week s/s 2011 and The Green Shows. Eco-Activism vs Glamour

I was glad and curious to attend the The Green Shows at the New York Fashion Week this week, presenting a group of fashion designers who are working on sustainability by way of reusing and recycling materials , fabrics and objects that many would consider trash or rejects, a

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Aleksandar Ratkovic One long or several short web pages?

What is better for SEO? One long page or several short web pages?

If web page is too big or long, they rank lower than pages that are small and focused.
Visitors do not like scrolling. Pages with really lot of text below the fold will lose many visitors because of that.
With several pages you can link each

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Facebook…back then…



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Ray Carter Facebook Custom Fan Pages

Recently Facebook created Fan Pages so that companies and organizations can use these pages as vehicles to publicize their products, services and causes to other members. Those members who have an interest in those pages would give a vote by becoming a fan. Once they become a fan any posts you make on your own Fan Page would then be publicized to the friends of your fans on their profiles. What a great way to gain free publicity and to build awareness of your company. But here’s the problem! As… Continue

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Ray Carter Gas Patio Heater

Gas Patio Heater – are both a manufacturer and authorized online distributer of quality propane related products. We are not just an internet retailer. As a state licensed dealer in propane appliances and equipment (Florida Lic.# 22732), we are professionals who have used most of our propane products in our own facilities. We have owned a propane gas distribution company and understand the regulations and challenges of safely storing and securing pr… Continue

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