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Ads 1.28.2008

I saw this new spot for Bacardi yesterday, I think it came on USA around 3pm. The visuals immediately grabbed my attention; the liquid people dancing and spinning towards each other representing the mixing of Bacardi rum and diet cola. I thought the concept and execution were very well done, and the effects were slightly reminiscent of the T-1000 from Terminator 2. The music flows perfectly with the imagery. Great use of special effects an… Continue

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See you when.


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Art / Design: Robert Hodgin

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Ads from January 08

I’m pretty fond of a couple of taglines being used by big corporations today,these two both happen to be financial institutions with some kick-ass taglines. Bank of America;s “Bank of Opportunity” tag is great, because it taps into not what their corporation is or does, but to why consumers want a bank, they want to put their money in a safe place, where it will generate significant returns and allow t


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More ads I like 1.26.2008

I saw this spot a lot over the holidays, it was the Kia spot where the car salesman guy is running/dancing all over the sales floor, to the “Maniac” song from Flashdance. All it took were some slight word changes “selling like he’s never sold before”, and bam they have a great spot. I really liked at the end where he dive/flips over the car into a chair… arms akimbo and a woman standing on a desk pours a bucket of water on him…totally… Continue

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Spot Runner Acquires Creative Network of over 1,200 Professionals

“We’re excited to announce that over 1,200 independent filmmakers, videographers, producers and production companies will now be working with


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Remake, Remodel, I wish! More like same $?@#, different year…….

So after two months of interviewing at the local independent television station, and after having made it through 3 of the 4 interviews, I realized I wasn’t going to get the “dream” position. However, the sales manager called to say there was an entry level position, and I was the first one he thought of for filling the position! Great!

The interview was a smash, and I was prepared to confirm I was interested in the second interview for the new position when I was told two things: 1. Th… Continue

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Send me a message, please!

Please read my profile.

I promise nothing, its all about my vision:

Reach 50% of all internet users within a year and stay in contact daily!

You think: “What a silly guy” –>> continue to do the things you do all days …

You think: “There might be something really new” –>> just contact me …

… and you may become a part of it.


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The Art of Being Creative

First of all, advertisement on the Internet.
We could try to pinpoint the requirements that creativity should have to be more effective on the web. Since on mobile phones companies do not yet offer flat price plans that allow a convenient wide diffusion of audiovisual material, the only exception being Japan, where mobile phones are currently used as computers. This is exactly the type of work that agencies and creatives, together with the most evolved customers, currently try

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Oxygo Gym

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viral ad stop smoking

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Behance Network Continue

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nice links

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Photographer Martin Schoeller

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Photographer Denis Darzacq

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