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My Interview With Popa Wu – Respected Leader & Father Of The Wu Tang Clan

By: The Consultingguy

It was a blessing and also an honor to come into contact with Popa Wu during my visit to New York about a month ago. It was ironic that I met him through a friend of my cousin as we drove along in Brooklyn. I had just finished reflecting on the documentary that described the tragic loss of belove… Continue

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Number 1 English Bulldog Website Nightingale Bullies

United States of America (Press Release) August 28, 2008 — We received our pup, Mistletoe, (we still are thinking of a new name), a week ago today. I have to say that Ashley was wonderful to work with, and I could not be more satisfied with the ease of the transaction, as well as the logistics on getting the Mistletoe at the airport. Also, upon receipt of your new puppy, you will get the shot updates, and many helpful hints in the contract regarding what you need to buy prior to receipt of your… Continue

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Nightingale Bullies… Who we are?

United States of America (Press Release) February 12, 2009 — We started a passion for bulldogs back in early 2005. We purchased our first bulldog from a breeder in Russia and she started our now and forever passion of bulldogs. We live in Vaiden, Mississippi where we live on 5 beautiful, wooded acres. Ashley which is me… has been raised around dogs all her life. I was adopted when I was six years old and was an only child and always had a love for dogs. I would bring home every stray I c… Continue

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Being Your Dog’s Leader Is The Key to Training shared by Bullie Pups R Us

Being Your Dog’s Leader Is The Key to Training shared by Bullie Pups R Us Dogs, in their natural state, are pack animals. We tend to think of them simply as autonomous pups and don’t often consider their immutable core nature as pack animals, however. This failure to take into account the true nature of dogs can make training more difficult. Likewise, understanding what it means to be a pack animal can unlock one of training’s greatest secrets. Dogs, in packs, have leaders. The leadership role… Continue

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Stolen English Bulldog…breaking news from Bullie Pups R Us. HELP!! This is Marley. He was stolen from a yard in Van Meter Iowa on 2/25/09 at about 5 p.m. He is 4.5 years old and a major prima donna. Very sweet and loving but does not like to be outside in rain or cold at all. He is fawn and white and was wearing a collar that said Bad To The Bone on it. He has a tattoo inside his ear that reads 0103 and a scar on the opposite ear from a surgery. He is not neutered! He is AKC DNA certified as well. L… Continue

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Hey Nadya…

OctoMom is used to having multiple people inside of her at once — and now one porn company is willing to shell out big bucks to harness that skill on film. Major porn distributor Vivid Entertainment has just fired off a letter to Nadya Suleman, offering her 1 million bucks to star in a skin flick of her own. Vivid is willing to go one step further, by telling us they’ll give her family full medical and dental insurance if she becomes a “contract girl”… meaning she’ll have to do multiple vide… Continue

Added by TJ on February 26, 2009 at 3:12am — 1 Comment

Slumdog kid actors get ripped off by Hollywood

I guess this should not come as a surprise, but the child actors in Slumdog Millionaire were paid $2,454 (Azhar) and $722 (Rubina). Granted, the budget for the movie was only $15 million, but it made $120 million. They couldn’t kick a little bit more to those kids?! They live in a tent in the slums! I sincerely hope people raise a stink and Fox Searchlight chooses to do a little more to help these kids. Read the SF Chronicle story here. Continue

Added by Elyse on February 24, 2009 at 10:33am — 16 Comments

If you use the Internet… You Should GET PAID

Hey Everyone, I came across this Free Membership and it truly is what I had hoped. I`m making serious money just from using the web. The neat thing about it, I don`t do anything different then I normally do when surfing. I thought of you and know you would love this tool! Please click my link below toContinue

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Free shares on the Internet!!

Hello my friends, I just became a shareholder in me2everyone and I never had to pay a single penny for the shares! It can only be described as the gold-rush for 2009. This company is going to be huge and shares will soar in value overContinue

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Hoping you can help…

I’m a sucker for a good charity and even more so when helping that charity comes with a good time. On Saturday March 7th I’ll be taking part in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2009 event in Dallas, TX. Bowl For Kids’ Sake is the largest annual fundr… Continue

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How to Grow Your Business on the Internet

Maybe you already have an online business that is pulling in decent revenue. Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur looking to jump into an Internet business for the first time. Either way, you need to know how to make your venture as successful as possible. Just being profitable might be sufficient for some people, but if you want to ensure your continued success you need to strive for more than that and that’s where search engine marketing is going to play a major role. The Basics First, you… Continue

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Audi Commercial – Street Skiing in San Francisco

Incredible commercial showing an obviously insane person skiing on pavement, dodging cable cars, and slaloming parking meters.
The most amazing bloopers are here Continue

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David Stanley Go Nanaimo, British Columbia

Boomtown Nanaimo, British Columbia, is one of the hottest housing markets in Canada. Baby boomers all across the country are casting their aging eyes west in their quest for a retirement haven, and the many advantages of Nanaimo, BC, are becoming known. First off, there’s the mild climate moderated by warm Pacific currents arriving from Japan. Nanaimo only gets a couple of weeks of snow a year, quite a contrast to central and eastern Canada which can be snowed in from December to April. There’s… Continue

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d + g communications receives major pr award!!

AGENCY WINS AWARD & ANNOUNCES MAJOR COOL CLIENTS d+g Communications Group Honored with the 2009 Gold Coast PR Council Special Recognition Award Sharon Patterson accepts the award on behalf of d+g’s dedicated and innovative team d+g communications group earned the prestigious Special Recognition Award from the Gold Coast Public Relations Council for their contribution to the field of public relations. The award was granted to d+g for their creativity, vision, execution and most of all achievi… Continue

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Finish this sentence. I’ve learned…

At age 87 Michelangelo was quoted saying, “Ancora imparo” which means “I’m still learning”. In the spirit of the great artist, finish the sentence, “I’ve learned… and then post your age(you can lie if you want, you know how old you are). If you are still learning then you’re still growing. And if you’re business believes in this philosophy then chances are you’re achieving success. I mean how could you still be learning and not growing your self and your business? Sometimes you just need to… Continue

Added by Bruce Stanley on February 18, 2009 at 9:16am — 11 Comments

London Bridges Tribes

Ok I’ve blogged a bunch on this new book “Tribes” by Seth Goden but it has reinforced what I believe to be true about human behavior and leadership. I followed Seth today in London where he was having a seminar via a live Linkedin network blog. You were able to see him answer questions and review statements coming in from his blog, twitter and Linkedin. You also were able to read others questions live and his responses. Don’t you just love the world we live in today? Anyway, there were a lot of… Continue

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I Blow At Life (dot com)

Obviously, Lawrence Yang’s Pepsi guy can’t hold down even one more sip. On his blog, I Blow At Life, he talks about how the new, unrelenting, Pepsi logo being plastered all over his station in S.F. started to appear more like a big old bellied cartoon character in a too-small shirt, showing a little belly button, than a hot, modern new spin on the old brand. This guy’s blog is pretty funny.… Continue

Added by Michelle M McCormack on February 17, 2009 at 11:33am — 1 Comment

ROI Driven Campaigns May Save the Day

From the Pamoja Media Blog It has been a recurring theme since mid 2008, large corporations announcing forecast reductions and losses. Amidst this climate, the ad industry has also had its fair share of grim announcements. But the silver lining for the ad industry may be ROI intensive ad campaigns. So while marketing departments may be cutting back on ad dollars, they are still going to be spe… Continue

Added by Benin Brown on February 17, 2009 at 9:43am — 1 Comment

PEER 1 Million Hits Commercials

Watch Ads on YouTube This past week, my marketing team officially unveils PEER 1’s new branding campaign where we ask the question, “Is your business ready for a million hits?” and introduce PEER 1’s new tagline “Fully scalable hosting solutions” that will appear below the PEER 1 logo. The tagline speaks to PEER 1… Continue

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