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Alondus’ Profile – Cli… Continue

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Scratch My Back Marketing Explained – The Redux

I have been discussing what I call Scratch My Back Marketing since the beginning of 2009. I figured that it was finally time to write a specific post on the topic. Scratch My Back Marketing is based on a lifestyle and spiritual principal of giving to get. That’s right as in is better to give than receive. Now, I have nothing against receiving especially if it involves material resources such as capital. However, for our purposes I will settle for great comments left on my blog.

Whe… Continue

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Pizza and Beers SEO – 700 Keyword Phrases

Pizza and Beers SEO – 700 Keyword Phrases

When anyone is considering a website or a website marketing program good research is essential. The basic idea is to explore how people express her thoughts while using a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or perhaps Bing. The problem is this; Market research can become expensive very quickly especially if you hire a research firm.

The fact is that most small business lacks both the financial infrastructure and the savvy to know how… Continue

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Brandon Lipman Mother to Mother

No doubt, it is hard. Your baby girl is precious, loved her photos. I don’t know what the doctors have told you about why she is having motor skill issues. My son was born prematurely and has had some coordination issues through out his life. He has compensated by being more verbal, analytical and mature for his age. While other kids were throwing themselves int


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Starting a Social Networking Website From Scratch

You’ve seen MySpace, you Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all other people have heard about. What is share these websites? They are very popular social network. Would you give it a shot? In that case, this article will talk you in the right direction.

Building a social networking website you want to achieve?

Think about it very well. It is important that you understand your ambitions may very soon after you are not disappointed. There are usually a couple of options:

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Parambyte DesiCreative Font Friday

check out this Friday’s Font on DesiCreative: SOUNDHORN is inspired by hand paintings behind trucks in India Continue

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Parambyte Jitesh Patel: London based Illustrator

DesiCreative has a chat with Jitesh

ABOUT ME: Being a Indian born in England, I have two cultures to be inspired by the Indian heritage brings out vibrancy while British side of me is more considered, its definitely reflected in my work, I enjoy what I do and I work hard to create great work, I have had some great clients to work with and its always nice to build up good client artist relationsh… Continue

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How to Select Right Web Design Company ?

If you start an online business development, marketing techniques and you all know the rules of the game of cyber-advertising space. You have the right knowledge and apply it with is going to need. Nowadays the Internet for business and email address, and your awareness of the important things are to operate efficiently. Small companies to large corporations from all companies closing or bankruptcy cases in the Internet to save his business like a magic wand was waving, they now have space for c… Continue

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New site tell me what you think and join.

Hi I got a new site on ning.
Need everybody to check it out and join

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Creative Hall of Fame Induction 2010

Join The One Club at our 2010 Creative Hall of Fame Ceremony on March 4 in New York City, where we will be inducting Mike Hughes from The Martin Agency and the late Saul Bass.

Under the leadership of Mike Hughes, The Martin Agency grew from a regional shop to a national powerhouse with accounts including Nascar, Hanes and Walmart. Hughes joined the agency in 1978 as a copywriter and went on to become President and Creative Director. His work has won every award in advertising a… Continue

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Attention Getter: Get Noticed and Be Remembered

One of the main problems with getting the attention and being remembered is that your business card looks like the same old boring business card.

So what happens is this, when you give your card to someone, they normally
will file it, or put it somewhere where they will never look at it

Here’s a great marketing secret: People are attached to, attracted to money, it’s emotional. When… Continue

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The Olympics Bump American Idol

Not really much to write, the headline says it all. American Idol lost the top spot on Wednesday, falling to Shawn White’s back-to-back Gold Medals and the rest of the Olympic Team. Will Idol last much longer? Simon doesn’t seem to think so…just like “Millionaire,” this too, shall pass.

Nice to see the US doing well at something again.


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Analysing Website Development

Web development for some time in India has been one of the fastest growing industries. Website development and hosting both dramatically drop the cost, with too many new websites have come to the smallest of businesses. Now, it’s a very difficult task now is to develop a website.

Website development some of the important points before delving in, one should know what the word ‘Web Development’ shows. In layman’s language, this is one activity that the World Wide Web (www) or internet fo… Continue

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Don’t be afraid.


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Puneet Khare Google Caffeine

Google has launched a new algorithm called “Google Caffeine”. The algorithm basically a mathematical problem and to filter the search results are determined. Google always try something new and this time coming with something new Google algorithm to generate relevant search results. Caffeine


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Website Programming

Website programming, HTML (and PHP) is one for users to develop and fully customize your website must be feeling. Website with programming, you start learning basics such as bold text, the text will change colors, change fonts, hyperlinks, background color, etc. but you want to advance to the next level of HTML, you will find yourself in Website Programming ridden world of the truth. Integrating rooms, blogs, polls, autoresponders chat, and many more will be a simple first.

Without good… Continue

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ad campains


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