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J.S. Gilbert 400 Hours to find an Available site name

I have now spent more time this year trying to find some clever, unique name for a new website than I have eating, sleeping or on personal hygiene. Okay, maybe not more time than eating. So I found myself typing what I thought might be unusual combinations of characters to come up with something cool, albeit non-descriptive for a new site I am going to launch (perhaps posthumously). It seemed as though trying to combine any 2 words from the dictionary to make a new word and then use that as the… Continue

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Courtney Love On Twitter

Courtney Love is everything I want in a rock star. She is the rock star that can’t help but be one. She’s one in spite of herself. Check out her Twitter stream: @CourtneyLover79 She’s already being sued by someone pissed off… Continue

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Ian Venskus Brand Platform

While going through Adweek’s site I came across this gem of a video. It’s Nick Law over at R/GA talking about the Brand Platform. In about 3 minutes he explained everything that we’ve been working towards for about 4 months now. My thoughts on the Brand Platform, while maybe not as well thought out as Nick’s are scattered in the following paragraphs: New Media, is starting to get old now. Let’s just call this new fan… Continue

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This double-spread ad for Harley-Davidson ran in the New York Times Business section this Sunday. Whether you buy into the Harley mystique or not, you’ve got to hand it to them for doing something to break out of the doldrums. It seems that even one of America’s most authentic brands i… Continue

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Free Samples of Fat Burning Thermogenic Coffee – BSkinny

• Tired of trying to lose weight and always feeling like your fighting an uphill battle? • Can’t remember to take the two pills in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast, four more at lunch, and two more again before bed? • How about obtaining some weight loss, only to see it put back on? • Tired of struggling with health issues resulting from a few unwanted pounds? • What if there was a way to control your hunger, combat stress related eating, increase your energy, while enjoying all the b… Continue

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How To Write A Good Masters Dissertation?

Writing a good dissertation requires certain dissertation writing help solutions which should always be used in order to write dissertations comprehensively. It is a critical requirement for every academic dissertation that the student should prove his research question in relation to the dissertation topic in the simplest manner. This can be done through the presentation of original thoughts or ideas or by analyzing what others have researched on the topic that the dissertation is about. If th… Continue

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Get Targeted, Fresh Traffic In Less Than 2 Days!

Hi, The lifeblood of your website is traffic. Everyone knows that. But getting proper traffic isn’t as simple or easy as it looks, if you’ve tried all ways. If you are tempted to invest a small sum in a ‘pay to click’ community, you will have tons of traffic, but they may cost your time and your business losses. If all your… Continue

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Do You Promote Digital Products? Use Any Of These To Explode Your Profits…

Do You Promote Digital Products? Use Any Of These To Explode Your Profits…


I’ll keep this short. Below are 3 links to 3 excellent membership sites that cater to internet marketers who promotes digital products and services online.

2 of the three sites offer members 100% commissions on any AND EVERY sale you make. the third site is wh… Continue

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Internet Marketing: 7 Killer Tools You Can Use On A Shoestring Budget Without Having a Website

When most people think of Internet marketing, they think solely of websites. Are they right or wrong? Well both. While websites are a key component of Internet marketing and in many cases are the only Internet marketing tool businesses use, they are not the “be all, end all”. They are not required for Internet marketing. However, I do highly recommend them as they are best suited to sit at the core of your Int… Continue

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CSS.s.s.s.s.s Continue

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Looking for spec scripts

I’m eager to shoot some spec commercials for my reel. Drop me a line. R Continue

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Boresha Coffee – Change Your Health & Wealth!

As many are in this economy, you are probably thinking of ways to create an extra cash flow to bring into your home. Maybe looking for a business with little investment and a great opportunity to produce income? You may want to first find out what the hottest growing market is, and from there you can determine what will give you the best turn around on profit. Let me help you for a moment. The coffee is the fastest and largest industry, next to oil. Coffee is a 70 billion dollar industry and is… Continue

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Social Marketing Videos for a Dime

Social Marketing Videos for a Dime Social Marketing Videos for a Dime


I’m not kidding when I say you can do the above.
But there is only one way you can do this.

Just 2 questions:

Do you want to put your ads in front of over a 500 Million crowd?
Do you want to tap in… Continue

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My Ford Fiesta Movement Video

Check out my 3 minute video for the Ford Fiesta Movement. Continue

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This Isn’t Your Father’s Marketing

Until very recently business followed a specific plan of engagement with consumers. Beginning with print, then radio, television then the Internet, communications were a one way street. Over the last 15 or so years, all of the existing channels were used to drive traffic to a brand’s website.

Read the fu… Continue

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Brands That Do Not Adopt Web2.0/Social Media Strategy Don’t Burn Out, They Just Fade Away

Hopefully the discussion of whether or not the whole web2.0/social media thing is a fad is over. If not, I can’t help you! Many brands are still struggling with whether or not they should implement web2.0 thinking. After all, is it worth the effort? What is the ROI? Can’t I just keep doing business as usual? First of all, business ISN’T as usual. Don’t believe me? Second of all, I’d like to draw… Continue

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How Important is Social Media to Consumers?

Following some incredible buzz for social media, there has been a growing surge of backlash against using it for business. Recent numbers from reports from Cone Inc., and Forrester show that, whether some marketers and companies believe in SoMe or not, their customers do. • 75% of all online adults use social media. • 93% of social media users believe a company should have a presence in social media. • 85% believe a company should not only be present in, but also interact with its consumers via… Continue

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World’s cheapest car, Nano, to avoid TV advertising

Nano to ride on innovative marketing The Tata Nano will ride on a clutch of innovative marketing ideas when it rolls into showrooms across the country. The Rs 1 lakh car, which broke new ground in design, engineering and production processes, will opt for “cost-effective and innovative use of media,” say people with knowledge of the Nano marketing strategy. To make the car more easily accessible to people, the Tata Motors team will sell the Nano not just through Tata car dealerships across… Continue

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GET PAID FROM THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! THIS NEW – MUSIC, VIDEO, MARKETING AND – SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE , will be HUGH and a REAL WINNER! Get Paid on the new Gigantic Social Networking Portal – My Music Ticket !!! IMAGINE a NETWORKING / SOCIAL site like MySpace or Facebook where you can CONNECT with THOUSANDS of people who love MUSIC & VIDEO’S and MUCH MORE !!! You can ALSO promote Your Opportunities with 40 pages instead of JUST ONE!!! HERE’S WHAT MAKES THIS ONE SO DIFFERENT & PROFITContinue

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Smart Blogging – See How A Blog Can Promote Your Home Business

Smart Blogging – See How A Blog Can Promote Your Home Business There are a small number of retailers who truly understand
that when you create a blog to promote your home business, it can be an extremely effective way to increase traffic to your business. Proven time and again is the fact that traffic to your site results in more sales for your business. As a website owner… Continue

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