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Cuervo Shot Chain

It’s Cuervo Season, kiddies.

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J.S. Gilbert Shooting a Commercial with a Radio Controlled Helicopter

Out doing some shooting for some local t.v. spots and found out about these guys that mount an HD video camera and still 10 megapixel digital cameras to a gyroscope mounted to a radio controlled helicopter. You can see some of what the footage can look like at . Went out yesterday to Marin County on what might have been the single best day of the year to shoot and I am stoked. We got some absolutely rocking footage and hopefully we’l


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J.S. Gilbert Made it past legal

Well, I’m going to try blogging a little every day. It’s good therapy and perhaps someday when I go totally postal, someone will look back at these posts and say “we should have seen it coming.”

So, I had a major victory. I did some scratch tracks to pitch radio concept and the client liked it so much that he said “let’s put them on the air just the way they are.” Now I’d like to hear from some spot producers out there and see how often this comes up because I believe it’s my first tim


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J.S. Gilbert Some people just don’t get it

I got pegged to write and produce a couple of radio PSA’s for a well respected local charitable organization. This is pro bono work. I’m happy to do it and quite honestly I don’t do enough. I got asked to do this by the organization and sent them off to their radio “go-between-public affairs dude.”

I thought while I was at it I’d offer to the radio guy that if he had other worthwhile groups that needed production and I had time I’d be happy to consider producing radio spots for these g


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Some pics I took at a recent Airshow here

Sorry…I just love Mechanical Thunder.

I wish I could share some of my other pictures. (wink)

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J.S. Gilbert Cars, Cars and more Cars

Well, I have heard it said that doing creative for car dealerships either signals the beginning or end of one’s career. Since I’ve had a sort of career in advertising for a while, this ain’t the beginning. I am however determined not to have this be the end. So, over the next several months, I will be attempting to pump, life, love and humor into some Nor Cal local car creative.

Thus far, my attempts to produce t.v. and radio spots that D


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I wonder Adrant should allow me to feed my website’s content into this little section.Anyhow, do dro…

I wonder Adrant should allow me to feed my website’s content into this little section.

Anyhow, do drop by my blog to get some coverage of search news and my personal life experience

Update: Ok i spoke too soon 🙂 Feeds from my site are below.



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40 cents closer to popularity

I recently read someone speculating about the root of happiness and the causes of unhappiness. For no reason I want to sound off on this. Like anyone gives a tinker’s cuss what I think. I’m under no bloggian delusions.

Aside from drug binges, I think happiness and unhappiness s


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Beer is good… where’s my golden pencil?

Because of a related work project, I have been examining company tag lines. What the writer of Hey Whipple, Squeeze This, might call a “theme” line. (Perhaps you may call them something else, and I’d be interested to know what)


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Advertisers are the fleas on a social networking dog’s back

Well, this has got to be the dumbest title I’ve ever come up with for a blog post.

However, even if that is the case, I still have some unresolved issues with these social networks. Maybe I should get out more, maybe I should find a new passion. But, sometimes it’s a good service, at other times it’s just too in your face.

Example of good:- you can reconnect with someone you’ve lost contact with in a way that is really unobtrusive. It’s good because if the person doesn’t really… Continue

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The top 8 friends thing

The other week, I was invited to a soiree. This wasn’t the usual soiree, it was an event where only the top, close friends were invited.
It kind of made me feel that this person had gone to their mySpace and invited their Top 8 friends only. I felt rather exclusive, I felt kind of cool.

I just heard of another case where someone has invited his top 15…close to 16. Same thing.

It got me thinking: MySpace has one foot… Continue

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Dubai Lynx announced the winners of the Dubai Lynx Awards 2007 for awarding creative excellence in …

Dubai Lynx announced the winners of the Dubai Lynx Awards 2007 for awarding creative excellence in the Middle East and North Africa in March at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre. A shortlist of 388 ads had been announced earlier from the 1,679 entries submitted. The Dubai Lynx jury comprising creative professionals from leading advertising agencies around the world awarded a total of 111 Dubai Lynx trophies.

In the Print


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watching ‘In the Mouth of Madness’ (so you don’t have to – and… please don’t)

ehm… so I watched a movie last night. I am scared of horror. But I put myself to it. That was good. The movie. The movie was crap. Wanna read me rant about it?


I should read it. Because the movie is crap. It is. I’m not telling you what movie it was. Just go There where it says Here.


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Banners on Jeopardy!

I was watching Jeopardy! the other night and the category happened to be “Same Name” or something to that matter.

The first question, worth $200, happened to be about advertising. As you all know, the first question is supposed to be the easiest question in the category; the question that anyone can answer and is really only included on the board to give the contestants a feel for the category theme.

I don’t remember the question (or “answer”) word-for-word, but it was somethin… Continue

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Launching Into The Stratosphere

I’m impressed! Adgabber must know what it is doing! In a recent google search, I was amazed by the high rankings adgabber is getting.

Go figure! How is it that the one lone blog post that I wrote on this blog shows up before the thousands and thousands of my other blog postings from other sites?

Is it a fluke? Or has Adgabber created such a dynamic platform, that it is literally launching itself into the stratosphere? If that


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I don’t know if anybody noticed, but Cape Town is not in America but in South Africa… Could somebody tell me how to change country of origin, as I am either a damn fool (always a possibility) or it takes the the point of origin of the server.

Oh and uh, Hello all!


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We’re hosting the Executive Summit

So we’re hosting the Executive Summit on Social Web this year with our CMO providing some of the keynote comments on where advertising is going in social communities, as well as the impact that Web 2.0 technologies are going to have on advertising and multiplatform plays…I’ll be posting some of the details as soon as I get em’ Continue

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i hate interactive

why do we call it interactive? it has come to mean anything on the interwebs. but it’s a watered-down term. brands build “interactive” sites on which i can leave my name & favorite whatever on their “wall” and then wait for others to show up and do the same. so they want me to interact with the site? but why would i come back? i’m probably not going to be on the site for more than a couple minutes to poke around & look for funny posts or people i might know. but i’m not going to come bac… Continue

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The key that unlocks energy is desire. It’s also the key to a long and interesting life. If we expect to create any drive, any real force within ourselves, we have to get excited.

Earl Nightingale


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