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Real Estate Developers Spending More on the Web

>> Advertising Dollars Shifting to Web for Real Estate We all know now, what an impact a website has in growing a business in our ever changing, fast paced society. But until recently, Real Estate was one of the few industries that was slow to embrace the web. According to a new report in Classified Intelligence, more real estate marketing dollars are being spent on advertising, specifically online. The study points to a continued movement away from traditional print media and newspaper… Continue

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A man said to his wife, I know you are a good engineer. Will you please engineer us a delicious dinner to night? Engine means some thing related to machinery and the person that works in this field is only mechanical. But, the Faculty of Engineer in all Universities not necessary to teach its students machinery basics only or even, it is not in the field of its activities. Continue

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There is an odd mix in deduction the theory of management. However, we have by now three main sectors that may perform same job but exile in its particulars. Management; it is a tool to subjugate ‘objects’ for the needs of Mankind. Administration; is a tool that help peoples to ‘addict, certain behaviors. Directorate; it belongs to ‘projects’ which have clear plans/instructions that must be followed. They all need a stable knowledge base, rich experiences and qualified team of work to perform… Continue

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Dream Scapes

I am trying to get better at photoshop by recreating my dreams….as you can tell im a novice hah. Continue

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J.S. Gilbert WOW – I haven’t blogged since Christmas. It’s almost like I’ve been in a coma.

SO, it’s now mid-April. Actually iut’s April 15th and for once I filed my taxes early which means I can act really smug when I watch all the people on t.v. tonight on th 11 O’clock news waiting in line to send their returns. What I really want to do is go to the post office at around 5 or 10 minutes after midnight just to see who shows up and point at them and laugh. I usually sit down and blog with something in mind, but right now if I shined a flashlight into my right ear, the light would com… Continue

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spot #2 available now

Motorola – Safety First is now viewable on Adgabber, Adbakery, Youtube ( and Continue

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Google and the missing clicks

I’m curious about what other people thought of this Mediapost article. Here’s my opinion. Continue

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my sweet maia


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Insomnia is creative

for me


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Is the nature of man basically good or bad?

I say bad. Then they give themselves kudos when they do something good for someone. As a parallel to the commentary of Serv-us- grace is when someone gives you something you don’t deserve, and how often does that happen? Discuss. Continue

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Does Marketing Dictate Branding or Does Branding Dictate Marketing?

Being a branding advocate, and encouraging people to think of branding as a strategic process, I opt for branding to be considered first. Also, that branding leads the approach that marketing, and particularly advertising, should take. What’s your opinion? Martin Jelsema Continue

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Win a Vacation with the Bored Cat Game Continue

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Congrats to Ad Gabber from Bullie Pups R Us

Ad Gabber has been suprisingly wonderful. I think its the aboslute best Social Media tool!!!!!!!!!! It is as awesome as Bullie Pups R Us. It is so user friendly and easy to use. I love it and it somes up very high in SEO! Thnak you Ad Gabber from Bullie Pups R Us! Continue

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Aerolineas argentinas..early and forever favorite

just too simple..sneeks cleanly inside ur heart Continue

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Men Create More Housework for Women Continue

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Home rebranding

Good day to draw.PsihoZEN atmosphere. Continue

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What Makes You Happy? Continue

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So You want an English bulldog shared By Nightingale Bullies

So you want to buy an English bulldog puppy? The first thing you need to do is to find good English bulldog breeders who are willing to provide you with healthy puppies. Finding good and reputable English bulldog breeders is crucial if you want to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money. Remember that the English bulldog is a special pet, so special care should be practiced starting from the breeder of your choice. The well-being of the puppy Surely you do not want to buy… Continue

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English Bulldog Puppy Care By Nightingale Bullies

The Bulldog is small in stature, but wide and compact, with a thick, massive head. Its head should be broad (the broader the more prized) with cheeks that extend to the sides of the eyes. The skin on the skull and forehead should fall in dense folds. Its muzzle is short and pug, its nose, broad and black with large nostrils. Its upper lip is pendent and its lower jaw should be very undershot. Eyes are very round, far apart and very dark. The ears should be small and thin, folded back in the form… Continue

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Nightingale Bullies Imported Top Quality English Bulldogs

Nightingale Bullies has been importi english bulldogs for over 3 years and we have had over 5 year experience with the breed. we have found that the english bulldog being bred in the usa are not quite what we were looking for when we starting our breeding program. they are a little more dry with less wrinkle and a little smaller in bone structure. we started doing research on english bulldog being bred in other countries. we researched the standards of their breeding practices and their guidel… Continue

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