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What is Sign Spinning?

This is when a person uses a sign with your business information on it and literally entertains passing traffic to draw attention to your message. This is done by dancing, interacting, and doing tricks with the sign to engage traffic and command attention be on us and YOUR message. We have put a new spin on street side marketing with our one of a kind, brand new marketing techniques. Our Employees, or as we call them, Performers, train at practice weekly. Performers train hard, polish their skil… Continue

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What’s Next For TV Advertisers?

Over the past few months, we’ve witnessed a perfect storm of news about radical changes in how TV programming is delivered to viewers. For example: • The rise of Hulu. • YouTube delivering Sony’s full length movies and tv shows. • Adobe Flash available for television. • The introduction of mobile TV service, and more. What does it all mean to the advertisers? To the cable, ISPs, and telcos? To consumers? We don’t have the answers, but we do have some of the questions that TV advertisers should… Continue

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What was IT doing on PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION ??????




ZURICH (Reuters) – A container of flu virus samples packed in dry ice exploded on a Swiss train, injuring one person but posing no other risks to humans, police said on Tuesday.

The box held vials of swine flu virus, although a different strain than the H1N1 variety that has

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Mens as a women´s toy

Are you bored with beautiful and sexy women who convince men to buy some product? Are you tired of watching perfect women who invite you to buy an anti-aging cream? Keep reading and discover the Jillz´s paradise…. Continue

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The Benefits of Webcasting and the Site Publisher’s Role

As a Marketer, you should strongly consider the benefits of webcasting to promote you your product. One of the most effective ways of creating, marketing, and delivering a webcast is to partner with a trade publisher that targets your desired market. These publishers are experts at delivering an audience and that element may be the missing element in your webcast marketing planning. This presentation reviews the items that a vertical site publisher should provide for your company when planning… Continue

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Belief continued – Safe Marketing

Although most business is done on the net favourably, there are a lot of business opportunities that you need to watch out for. So many people write on the Internet about how they have been in marketing for years and have been scammed and spammed, costing them thousands of dollars in the process, and never made a penny, try not to be one of them. It is a different to sell a product or service on the Internet than it is in a shop, solely because as most salespeople will tell you that people lik… Continue

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3 Keys To Creating Big-Time Commission Checks

3 Keys To Creating Big-Time Commission Checks By Jimmy D. Brown This is an excerpt from master internet-marketing expert Jimmy D. Brown’s special report “3 Keys To Creating Big-Time Commission Checks” “How To Get Bigger Commission Checks Than Your Competitors” Key #1: Capture The Subscriber First. Welcome to this spe… Continue

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How to murder a duck. And a brand.

I can think of a few ways, but wringing its neck would provide the most pleasure in putting an end to one of the most sorry gimmicks used in advertising. You’ve probably seen the campaign done for Aflac, the insurance company. And you’ve probably also seen the duck that features prominently in its advertising. The spokesduck with a one-word vocabulary– “Aflack.” Got any idea what the advertising’s about? Evidently you’re not alone. It seems everyone remembers the fucking duck, they just don’t h… Continue

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Finanzielle Unabhängigkeit mit System-caramba24 Geld verdienen mit Caramba24 Gratis eBook hier anfordern


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Mehr Besucher

Mehr Besucher Mit diesem KOSTENLOSEM System erhalten Sie ueber 100.000 Besucher im Monat! Dieses Viral Marketing System ist absolut KOSTENLOS! Sie koennen also nur Gewinnen!!>>mehr


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The 3 R’s? A Fourth Is Crucial, Too: Recess

We all know that recess is good for children. But we live in a society that requires multiple studies and at least one pie chart on the cover of USA Today to get us to pay attention. On February 24th in the Science Times, Tara Parker-Pope did a nice job of bringing together a number of studies and comments by experts concerning the benefits of recess. For those of you who may have missed it, here is the link: Continue

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The New York Times Does Disney-

Oh please, “Fearful of coming off as too manipulative, youth-centric media companies rarely discuss this kind of field research.” ??????? Sorry to be the one who has to break the news to them but–Hey Disney, it’s too late–we know that you have done an exceptional job of manipulating youth worldwide and will continue your efforts towards this cause. All this time I thought media companies and any other commercial entities that market to children treat their research as absolutely proprietar… Continue

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Downline aufbauen,Kostenlose Werbung

Jedes Geschäft lebt von Werbung und Kontakten und im Internet dreht es sich immer wieder um eins: Der Aufbau von Downline! Die eigene Kontaktliste aufzubauen ist immer der erste Schritt und die Grundlage für den weiteren Aufbau. Mit NetBizzer ist es möglich mehrere Programme gleichzeitig zu bewerben, Downline aufzubauen und Kontakte zu generieren! Du baust dir mit NetBizzer eine Downline auf die du nie verlierst und immer wieder für jed… Continue

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Geld verdienen mit Tiernahrung

Geld verdienen mit Tiernahrung, Könnten Sie sich vorstellen auch mit Tiernahrung (Hund + Katze) Geld zu verdienen? Keine Geldinvestition nötig! Ohne Einschreibegebühren, Jahresgebühren und Folgekosten! >>> mehr


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Belief, one of my best blogs

Belief Belief is one of those tricky words that is difficult to explain without using an example, because it is effectively a psychological state. It is where you psychologically hold the concept in your mind that something is true. That is one accepts a specific proposition or premise to be true. Belief can be driven through blind faith in which no scientific explanation or proof needs to be provided to prove the belief to be true. Belief can be driven through experience in which that if som… Continue

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Subject: Exclusive, Invitation-Only 2-Tier Affiliate Program (NOT Open To The General Public)

Subject: Exclusive, Invitation-Only 2-Tier Affiliate Program (NOT Open To The General Public) Want to increase your affiliate earnings? If you promote Internet marketing products as an affiliate, then you already know how huge the potential earnings are, and if you don’t you might be leaving a TON of cash on the table… I just joined an affiliate program that pays 2-Tier commissions on Internet marketing tools… Continue

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Giant Social Network that Pays you for what you do!!

Get Paid on the new Gigantic Social Networking Portal – HelloHello!! It’s here FREE if this link doesn’t work copy & paste this — IMAGINE a Portal like MySpace or Facebook where you can promote Your Opportunity with 30 pages instead of ONE Play free GAMES and Get Paid! Create a blog and Get Paid! Write a few words on a BLOG and Get Paid! There are MANY, MANY other ways to GET PAID and have FUN! Introduce others to… Continue

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Thinking Through Success – Brings Good Fortune

Thinking Through Success – Brings Good Fortune We have to go through all the challenges in life, that we expect to have, only then can we can realise that they were meaningless, and only then will we be ready to accept that all we need is “Belief”. * Introduction In essence this blog is about progress, in fact everything in life is about progress, (continuity and change) we can get caught up on the idea or the concept of the goals that we wish to achieve. However all success is built from a… Continue

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I have a good Phone Sourcer who is an even better Business Developer!

We do the digging for you! I have a good Phone Sourcer who is an even better Business Developer! What’s more, she likes doing it! As a result, we’ve formed a new unit of TechTrak called and she’s availab… Continue

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