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The Montgomery Family Expo 2008

We are currently looking for sponsors for this event. The Montgomery Family Expo 08 was created to create an event where persons of specified communities can come together and show, fellowship, have fun through educational experiences. With the help of various vendors we are able to provide exposure for local businesses and an outside shopping center for their customers. For additional sponsor information regarding The Montgomery Family Expo please contact me @ [email protected]Continue

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Car Trouble

Here’s the deal, my van has been having some problems lately, you know the story, first the fuses short out, then the battery dies, and being stuck on the side of 485 on the hottest day of the year with two hours to get to s DJ gig is pretty shitty in and of itself. Ok, that being said, having car trouble pisses people off, its inconvenient, and expensive. Add to this little equation the mechanics, and the guys who work the front at auto shops. These guys tend to be the lowest of the low, making… Continue

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SEATTLE – Prada, Abercrombie+Fitch and Marc Jacobs: These are not names that you would typically associate with your local Goodwill store, but beginning this summer, you will! Currently in Shoreline and launching in Bellevue and Seattle this year, Fashion Focus, a new section of brand name and designer gently-used clothing offers big brands at Goodwill’s trademark low prices. “We want Goodwill to be synonymous not only with our mission, to provide quality, effective job training and basic educa… Continue

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Corporate Backscratching at Cannes

It’s time the incestous, corporate backscratching of the Cannes Lions’ so-called Advertising Festival was exposed. This year the film jury was composed of 20 blokes and 2 females – a stunning disregard for the reality of who makes the most purchasing decisions in the world. This jury, stacked with staffers from corporate fat-cat agencies and wanna-be corporate fat-cat agencies, has, as ever, shortlisted the work of corporate fat-cat agencies and ignored the stunning work of many independents w… Continue

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Miraculous story shared by Bullie Pups R Us. Quake victim gives birth after being buried 50 hours!

Miraculous story shared by Bullie Pups R Us After days in rubble, quake survivor gives birth Healthy daughter for Chinese quake victim who was buried for 50 hours URUMQI, China – In the 50 hours she was trapped under rubble after last month’s earthquake, mother-to-be Zhang Xiaoyan prayed hardest not for her own life but for her baby’s survival. On Wednesday, she got her wish, giving birth to a healthy, pink-cheeked 7.3-pound girl at the Urumqi Maternal Care Hospital in her home region of Xinji… Continue

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Happy Birthday Thomas


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First pillow fight flash-mob in Bucharest

We did it our way! It was an unconventional commemoration of 18 years sice Mineriada in Bucharest, Romania, and the first event organised by me and Mircea. The idea stuck us long time ago (about four moths ago), when we realised there was no pillow fighting in Romania before. And, since we had such a politicall “ba… Continue

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Bose to support award-winning video podcast portal press release Chesham: June 2008, the UK’s award-winning video podcast and webTV company, has secured support from Bose, the globally renowned audio solutions provider. Bose will promote its L1 model II portable line array system, in’s Music shows, featuring bands such as Cockney Rebel. Neil Fairbrother, founder of, says: “We are thrilled to be working with Bose, it’s a vindication of everything we’ve been doing for the last two years. In-podcast promotion and… Continue

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Pillows will fight in Bucharest!

for more information, enter


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Bullie Pups R Us can ship during summer heat to select cities.

During summer months it is very hard to geta snub nosed breed like the English Bulldog shipped. We can ship to select cities all summer long. Visit our website for more info at Continue

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The boobs have it.

Do you think UPS made a huge mistake by not signing an exclusive deal to sponsor Big Brown after the Kentucky Derby? Now they are sharing the stage with Hooters. I wonder if the Hooters spokeswoman looks good in brown? here is my complete reasoning and I’d love your thoughts. All the best, Albert Maruggi Continue

Added by Albert Maruggi on June 7, 2008 at 12:43am — 2 Comments

J.S. Gilbert It’s Not Easy Being Green

Well, I think Kermit the Frog was the first to sing the sentiments of it not being easy being green. For now and some time to come I am afraid that all the other colors of the rainbow will simply have to take a backstage. Mauve and Fuschia will have no place in our society. It’s green, green, green. One of the big reasons is because it’s “safe”. Just as all of our country’s politicians realized that once they couldn’t take money from Tobacco lobbyists anymore for 30 years 90% of all legislation… Continue

Added by J.S. Gilbert on June 5, 2008 at 10:17pm — No Comments classifieds? Shared by Bullie Pups R Us

Powered by Oodle, the retailing giant is offering online classifieds – even job openings from archrival Target Corporation! The cobrand is linked from Walmart’s homepage and everything. OK. Content equals traffic. Traffic equals consumers. And if Compete data is to be believed, receives about 25 million visitors a month (not counting the holidays). If 10 percent of that goes to the online classifieds section, we’re talking 2.5 million visitors and about 15 million or so pageviews ea… Continue

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In this video podcast Lord Young of Graffham discusses his illustrious career in business, s…

In this video podcast Lord Young of Graffham discusses his illustrious career in business, starting with GUS and how the business world had to deal with 98% taxation. We also discuss his time in Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet and the privatisation of former public utilities such as telecoms, and, as the head of Young Associates he also provides us with an insight into what criteria a VC is looking for in a small firm for investment purposes. If you’d like to enjoy the fu… Continue

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On the search for the universal knowledge format

Right now, sophotec VC has created a new division focussing on developing the universal knowledge format. It will be law-based – referring to the law of nature – principle of natural sciences – and can be applied in all social sciences and humanities, bringing a new level of clarity and precision to knowledge building in these sectors. Parallel to this endeavour, we are building the UKI-1 web platform to enable the joint production of larger knowledge networks. Continue

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