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Luxury Brands and the Internet

Forrester Research, the group specialized in market studies, has just published the study “Benchmark: Luxury Sector eBusiness Adoption”, the first document of the series”Online Luxury And The Global Affluent”. This study tries to answer the question: do luxury brands have to set up online sales strategies? Formerly, luxury brands were hesitant to take on the web. Why? Because it didn’t fit into their marketing strategies, it didn’t fit their brand image and generally they were convinced that on… Continue

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Interesting Article on Lifestyle Brands

Active Lifestyle Brands: Popular apparel brands reach pinnacle and ride wave of success By Robert F. Hogeboom Active lifestyle brands, the widely popular apparel brands associated with the lifestyle of active sports such as surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding, own a unique position in the mind of consumers. They represent the attractive lifestyle and values linked to active sports. While these brands don’t receive the same respect and adulation from the marketing community as Apple, Coca-C… Continue

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A Boutique Brand I Like

Here’s a brand from one of IntoProductions’ friends: Horse Piss Beer gives a percentage of profits to ex-race horses. Wit, charity…What more could you ask for in a beer? Continue

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Rise of the Boutique Brands

When I first started marketing, about 15 years ago, most consumer products companies used push strategies and dominated their markets through control of distribution outlets and, of course, through their very large advertising budgets. When I launched Virgil’s, we had to rely on the goodwill of both the media and consumers and fortunately they liked the brand. During the next 15 years and with the help of the Internet, it became much easier to bring start-up consumer products to the market. Th… Continue

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Interesting Article in the Wall Street Journal about the Relative Strength of the Luxury Market Continue

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Steve McNamara Seminars On Creative Briefs, Strategic and Tactical Creative

A few months ago I delivered a seminar to TV / Media network in Toronto, Canada. Last week to a local chapter of the American Marketing Assoc. In a few weeks I’m presenting one in Dallas, Texas. Here are the current seminar topics: > Creative briefs. > Strategic advertising campaigns: branding, positioning & direct. > Tactical advertising techniques. Duration: each presentation runs 1.0 to 1.5 hours. Location: We travel to your office or offsite. Materials: AdCracker on CD &… Continue

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Hundreds of Thousands face job loss ‎

Under this title, Ashley Seager had written an article in the Guardian on Monday July 21 ‎‎2008 indicating that high interest rates of British Banks will bring more recession to local ‎economy, which helps Hundreds of Thousands face job loss. Here is the link to the article: ‎ ‎ I agree with the writer that job loss is “the tip of the iceberg”, but do not think reducing ‎interest rates or tax cuttings are enough to recover… Continue

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New site launched!

Based on feedback from current users of the online social network dedicated to car dealership employees and their customers, has been relaunched with new functionality and increased navigation. The site is designed to give car buyers the ability to rate their experience with individuals they work with at a dealership location. As such, it helps to promote the salespeople (and their dealership) that have a proven ability to continually… Continue

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Jorge Parra High Impact Lighting Creating new Latin Chic with an old Hollywood clock system

Dear fellows, please take some time to review the article below, as I am in “revival mode” and dusting off the old school of lighting, involving John Alton’s Clock System , adapted for Fashion , Fine Art and Advertising Photography, in a series of workshops, starting in Miami in September.$3941 Best Regards Jorge Parra Photography www.NewLatinChic.con Continue

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What’s the Plan?

Writing a good Creative Work Plan can be a challenge. It’s tough to describe an idea before it’s even thought of. But that’s the task given to many Account Executives, Coordinators and Marketing Managers. And most do an excellent job – really driving the creative process. Unfortunatel… Continue

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Bloody Vikings

The advertising collective once known as “Madison Avenue” had lately missed the proverbial boat up until the time they finally decided to key on one of the sure-fire elements for a winning ad campaign. That is… use a Viking. Let’s face it, Vikings sell.… Continue

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Malta- All hidden facts

If you have been working hard for the past years of your life and you need a breath of fresh air and a well-deserved break from the routines of every day life and you want to spend it with a loved one or a family, there is no other thing to do but to pack your bags and spend a holiday t… Continue

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The Slogan

If you cant read it: Continue

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Somebody get that man an Ad-vil

You gotta love a CD who talks the talk… but is quickly hobbled like James Caan in Misery when he (or she) tries to protect the creative integrity of a concept. Continue

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Has Hillary failed in the recent election race just because she is only a woman? If this is the only reason, I think, the wild battle over the history for ‘EQUALITY’ has had zero results yet at least in USA! As in France, Segolene Royal had reached the final race and came next to Sarkozy with slight difference. Just wonder, if McCain wins the Nov race; is it only a problem of Racialism? I think Democrats has made a big mistak… Continue

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The start

Ok. I have finished college and I am ready to work so what is out there for me?….I am a recent grad who loves to keep up with what is going on with the world around him. But as I have seen my first month of unemployment go by and there is a sigh of frustration every morning. So to keep track of all of this I want to keep track of all the places I apply for and what I do to keep myself busy. A reflection on the economy. It frustrates me to watch the news but it’s something I like to do. It kee… Continue

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for M ore D etails press this key


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“the late Heath Ledger’s lovely penis…”
TLA Video in Philly

Seems the Managing Editor of will say ANYTHING to move DVDs. Witness the exceptionally tasteless description for I’M NOT THERE, the bio-pic by director TODD HAYNES on the life of Bob Dylan. With different actors playing characters based on the life/legend of Dyla… Continue

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J.S. Gilbert Directing an Author Reading His Audio Book

I have in my day both voiced and directed audio books. As a director I have usually worked with trained talent. That is to say, individuals who have some degre of experience perfroming voiceover and/or have had some acting training. There seems to be a trend these days to have the authors read the books themselves whenever possible. So a few weeks ago I was introduced to Mr. Bill Tancer and his book called Click. Bill Tancer is the general manager of global research at Hitwise and a weekly colu… Continue

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