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A Perfect Marriage

A business relationship between an advertising agency and a Virtual Assistant (VA) is a perfect marriage. Both parties have several things in common. They submit bids. An agency and a VA both respond to RFPs from potential clients. An agency and a Virtual Assistant services are billed hourly and generally are temporary. When a projected is completed, the job is over. They both work themselves right out of a job.


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My first motorbike was a Teapot

It was inevitable that I’d get into motorbikes. I had six bicycles and was regularly clocking up 200, 300 or even 400 miles a week, racing, training and touring. Fine whilst I was working in a bicycle shop, but when I took a position as a computer engineer, complete with company car and oscilloscope, it became harder and harder to maintain the miles as the unpredictable nature of the hi-tech system failures blew the training schedule to pieces.

Even earlier than this I was a


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Thoughts for the weekend…

I sit adjacent to your predictability.
Have a drink of your inhibitions, but only sip the tea…

No real plans this weekend. Perhaps I’ll apply some color to that empty canvas in the basement.

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Angela Natividad Facebook and MySpace: Batting for Two Different Teams?

When Facebook opened its back-end to outside applications in ear


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Byxx: Team Spidey, Harley Power, STP & a Bonnie

In this motorbike video podcast, Team Spidey goes racing at Pembray. We’re in the pits and trackside too, covering all the action. We interview Andy Peck as he battles tough competition to win and we talk to Chris Richardson who is one step ahead on his Ducatti 999. We get a good look at the new Ducatti 1098 in pristine condition; and also get a good look at it after rider Graham Goodyear took a tumble… Mark Edwards of… Continue

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Long Copy or Short

It seems like it always comes back to that, doesn’t it? I have several clients who sent me 20 or 30 pages of Web site copy that they’ve written and need re-written. That’s an awful lot of copy. On one of my own sites I have perhaps 12 pages of copy as the main page. Still, a lot of copy. (When I say pages, I mean copy that prints out on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet.)

I know that people basically skim Web content. They don’t read it. I also know that people are basically lazy and prefer not to… Continue

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Get A Grip!

In the worst slump of his stellar career, Yankees pitcher, Mike Mussina gave up six runs and nine hits in just three innings. “These are probably the worst nine innings I’ve pitched in my entire career,” the 247-game winner said. “Right now I let go of it and I don’t think like anything good is going to happen. And it’s tough to pitch that way” So, this is the latest, most negative remark I’ve heard, and I wanted to address it in a way so as to educate you, you and you about the way we think and… Continue

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Second Life Marketing Conference – We’re Out To Provide A Bit Of Perspective – Need Your Help To Word Out

IQPC’s Second Life Marketing Conference on September 24th

I, Donald Schwartz, invite you to join me at IQPC’s Second Life Marketing Conference on September 24th at the Millennium Broadway Hotel, New York, NY. I will be hosting a workshop on Second Life best practices covering visual design (efficient building construction), engagement strategy (based


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The First Radio Commercial

I posted the first known radio commercial aired in my playlist. It was aired in 1922 on WEAF in New York. Today, we might call that broadcast an “infomercial”, since it purportedly claimed to give information (rather than a direct sales pitch) about New York’s Hawthorne Court apartment complex.

I have a nice collection of vintage radio commercials on my site at Continue

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Hello to all! Continue

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Shoulda, coulda, woulda

Oh how I miss the old days when agencies developed and placed ad campaigns for their clients and we (the media) pitched them on the value of using our publication to reach their intended audience. It was so easy . . . so clean . . . so simple.

Those were the days when we were all in full view, in the market and engaged. Agencies knew what their client’s customers looked like, how they behaved and what made them tick. Media reps not only knew who the key client and agency contacts were,


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Social Network in beta

So I have been exploring social networking sites to better understand what is happing, and I swear that every other site I look at is in beta. Is it beta season? And how long does a site stay in beta?

It seems to me to be a marketing test balloon. We’ll put it out in beta, and that way if it doesn’t get the number of members that we need to make it a successful online advertising revenue generator we can pull the plug and no one will be surprised. We will say we refocused.

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Burning Man 2007 and I’m Not There!
Every year, tens of thousands of participants gather to create Black Rock City in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, dedicated to self-expression, self-reliance, and art as the center of community. They leave one week later, having left no trace. Read Burning Man’s mission statement, 10 PrinciplesContinue

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Smith Rock State Park

Background picture is of Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon Near Bend. We drove the motorcycle out there on Sunday and had a nice time hiking and watching the rock climbers.

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Finally a place to Blog

Ok … I am now ready to start blogging. The fad is quickly becoming the standard for online communication and sharing of ideas and information. So I’m in.

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New Job Opening for Global Internet Media Company

The San Francisco and Dallas office of a global internet media company, who is the leader of the Hispanic online market, is looking for a successful Senior Account Manager. They provide unique content and services to the Hispanic market and need someone that will be able to prospect, cultivate, close, and manage advertising relationships with major accounts.


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Angela Natividad I Just Bought a Pair of Mary Janes. With AIR BUBBLES!

As a very young teenager, I had a pair of Penny Hardaway signature Nikes. This made me Officially Awesome on t… Continue

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I saw this on a noontime variety show:

Host: If feet is the plural of foot, what is the plural of armpit?
Contestant: Arm-PUT!!!


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Harley to The Fringe: day 5

No matter how hard I study the map, there really doesn’t seem to be much alternative. There are a gazillion East to West roads criss-crossing the Pennines, the backbone of England, but what I really need is a North South route. Alas there isn’t one, these arteries are confined to the lower strips of land either side of the central, ancient beyond belief, mountainous mass, which I’d tried to walk the length of years ago with my good friend Andy Steel, but we were beaten by unrelenting sunshine, h… Continue

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