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post production audio group

happy saturday, everyone 🙂

for all you music and sound nerds out there, i’ve started a post production audio group here on adgabber.

point your browser at:

contribute…. share. learn. enjoy. Continue

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new assignment photography agency Continue

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Interesting how the meaning of “friend” is changing. In the new world of online social media, friends aren’t what they used to be.

Once upon a time, a friend was someone you could depend upon, who you trusted, who believed your stories and excuses, who shared your values, and enjoyed your company. It was a “one for all and all for one” world.

Lately, with MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and a handful of other large online social networks, the meaning and value of friendship is erod… Continue

Added by Jeffrey Nichols on September 27, 2007 at 6:17pm — 1 Comment

LSD In Where Y’At Magazine!

FEAR Festival Brought on by the effects of LSD made Where Y’At Magazine!
We have been bustin’ hump literally around the clock on projects and festival fun just to get to this point!
Although some on here have called us faceless and bawdy, We are a small boutique of 9 people trying to make it! So look down at us for tooting our own horn, or look at what we can do, but notice that we are here!
Even bad talk is still talk!
Do I have your attention?
Read the article at www.wherey… Continue

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Form Follows Function…or does it?

It is amazing what one can learn in the shower. I’ve just washed my hair and reach for the conditioner. I can tell by the weight of the container that I have about 1/4 left. I turn it upside down and squeeze but am rewarded only by a wheeze of air. I shake and squeeze to no avail. It is then that I notice my bottle has shapely contours and hard edges which do not easily submit to squeezi… Continue

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The Economist launches our first videogame

Here’s a blurb on the Energyville game we just launched…

Online game provides cross-platform communications solution


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Ad Industry Folk Are So Mean

Swear to gawd… you guys are so much meaner then we could ever dream of! Love it. Continue

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So Question…

Hey friends,
Just an informal survey…

If you could work for any agency (other than the one you are currently employed at), which would it be?
I’m going with Anomaly (

Hope you all had a great weekend.
Sadly, I spent the weekend finishing up a trend report. Sigh.



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Steve McNamara AdCracker earns 4 star MERLOT review.

AdCracker ranks among the best Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching.


Added by Steve McNamara on September 25, 2007 at 11:37am — 3 Comments

A few new sounds…

I’ve just added a few favorites from my Recent and Decent bucket to this little music player. First, there’s Episode 1 of “The Many Men of Martha Manning”, my six-episode “radio soap opera” that was presented by the 2007 Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe. The remaining episodes are available as free podcasts from iTunes and from Then, we have the on-hold message I created for Telenium Communications Group, which became Fusion earlier this year. My posi… Continue

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So here I am…

AdGabber… I was told this is where all the cool kids come to play on the Internet. If so, why are there so many people lacking a profile photo? I used to be in radio and the joke always ended up being that radio people are fat and ugly. Is that the same for PR/Marketing people?

If you don’t have a photo that you love, I am sure you can at least find a graphic that gives off some of your vibrant personality.


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I loved Apple’s ad for its new iPod Nano the moment I saw it/heard it. I liked the visual part of it, but what really grabbed me was the song – Feist’s “1234”. I’ve asked several people about it, and, to my surprise, their reaction was immediate – they either really loved it, as I did, or they can’t stand it. Continue

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Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

I would really like to share marketing ideas with others.

What have you found that works to pull in new clientel? What about promotions and local venues in cities that give you an opportunity to sell to others in the same industry.

Do internet ads really generate sales? What about posting ads on your site, do those type of ideas really bring in extra money?

I’m curious to hear what others have experienced, with regards to marketing.


Miss Denise


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Real broadband on the horizon?

For quite some time I’ve been talking about the need for the UK telecoms industry to wean itself off the high copper diet it uses to deliver services to the home – laws of physics dicate that real broadband can’t be delivered over this material and economics dictate the national GDP will suffer in the new world if we don’t have hundreds of megbytes per second to the home.

The only way of doing this is to replace the copper with fibre optics to the home (FTTH) which w


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We just got this scoop…

Sweet. AgencySpy has friends now! So, I figured I should share the hot gossip I just posted to you guys first. Who doesn’t love a little ad agency dirt, right?

Here it is:
The purchase of digital shop Refinery by Grey division G2 has sent the shop into totally chaos. There’s been some high level resignations from all disciplines including Kathryn Lineberger and Graham Storey (both VPs of Creative) this week and VP of Technology, Brad YuanContinue

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pandora is my new best friend. she’s not so new, but now that i’m playing with all the elements, i’m loving her even more.

i’ve given up on spiral frog. who creates programs that don’t run on Macs??? still??!


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Do You Recognize These 10 Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking?

Whether you’re trying to solve a tough problem, start a business, get attention for that business or write an interesting article, creative thinking is crucial. The process boils down to changing your perspective and seeing things differently than you currently do.

People like to call this “thinking outside of the box,” which is the wrong way to look at it. Just like Neo


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Ooohhhh… We Like AdGabber.

Officially, AgencySpy is into AdGabber. So much better than At The Roundtable, the social network sponsored by AdAge.

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design article Continue

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San Miguel Beer – Going global?

So. If I am to understand San Miguel Beer’s latest TVC, the beer giant is intensifying its campaign to go global.

First, it was Eric Morales. The TVC cashed in on Manny Pacquiao’s dramatic win at the time of the TVC’s release. It would’ve been ok except why did they force… Continue

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