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The First Debate 2008

Election 2008 Debate: And the winner is….

Twitter’s election site was fantastic last night. Tweets were flying by, positive and negative, Obama and McCain. Twitter handled it flawlessly. In fact, things moved so quickly, sometimes it was hard to keep up. Here’s a few sample… Continue

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Tonight’s debate- keep one eye on TV and one eye on Twitter

Earlier this week, I posted about Friday’s debate and Jeremiah’s debate scoring game. As a reminder, the post is listed below. But alot has changed in the fast moving world of Twitter since then. * We had the whole #suspending controversy and a fun meme on Twitter that is still going on * Twitter introduced Election 2008, an election filtered twitter feed * And as a result, numerous people have provided great insight into the tool and its meaning: o Joseph Jaffe gives the election feed a Twen o… Continue

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Bowja the Ninja

One type of game I enjoy quite a bit is point-and-click games. To me, they are a great balance of simplicity and difficulty. More than likely, the reason I enjoy them is they challenge my brain. Of course, I can get stuck on the way towards the solution and just like everyone else I seek out the walkthrough to ease my nagging urge to finish the game. However, there is one point-and-click game series that I think everyone can solve, and have fun with at the same time. Bowja the Ninja is a game f… Continue

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NAWLZ, it’s comics new age!

over mainstream, obviously the shit in comics and interactive illustration Continue

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If product placement is blatant, why is it not clickable?

I will let the video below do the talking. Feel free to turn the Overlay off using the second button on the top left, but I propose that if product placement is going to be integrated into the storyline of a video then the advertiser should be able to assert that the video/product be clickable. I love Black Eyed Peas, and I love this video – so I added a few links to the various CDs that I could find with Overlay.TV affiliate partners. Feel free to edit this video, share it, or add the products… Continue

Added by Ben Watson on September 23, 2008 at 6:04pm — 2 Comments

Friday’s Presidential Debate on Twitter

The first of 4 Presidential debates will be held on Friday, September 26, 2008 at 9PM Eastern. with domestic policy focus from the campus of The University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS. You may recall last February’s Super Bowl when Jeremiah Owyang organized a fun side-game where we all rated the commercials on Twitter. Well, Jeremiah has a great idea to utilize Twitter to rate the debates in a similar fashion.… Continue

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Tweet! Tweet!: LogoMotives is all a-Twitter

Until now I’ve avoided joining the Twitter bandwagon – primarily due to to my addictive personality. Besides, between design and business forums, online portfolios and social networking/media I’m online way too much already. Well, those days are over.


Added by Jeff Fisher LogoMotives on September 22, 2008 at 1:06pm — No Comments

Is the new Twitter design like the new Facebook?

We’ve had about 24 hours now to get accustomed to the new Twitter interface design. As many have described, the new design seems mostly cosmetic. It doesn’t appear that the refresh was designed for usability, but aesthetics. It takes a little time to find how the archive tab was replaced (click on your thumbnail) and hover over an update to find the stat and swoosh. Personally, I think it’s fine, although I ha… Continue

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Launched the StartUp Forward

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 Launched the StartUp Forward I just launched the Start Up Forward. The Start Up Forward is a new initative to bring the world of Start Ups closer to their goals. On the Startup Forward interaction is the key factor. As a new start up you have the basic needs for infomation, attention, people, sharing and money. This is where it all comes together. Try it out, make a new group page for your start up and show yourself to the entrepeneurial world in front of you! Do… Continue

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Sylvana Started Her Own Blog

You can see it here & subscribe Continue

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New webTV cookery shows featuring Aiden Byrne, Head Chef of the Grill at the Dorchester

Chesham Sept 08, the UK’s award-winning video podcast and webTV company, is producing a series of cookery shows featuring double-Michelin starred Aiden Byrne, Head Chef of The Grill at the Dorchester, the first of which has been launched in conjunction with Aiden’s new book. Both the book and the webTV series are called Made in Great Britain. Neil Fairbrother, founder of says: “Aiden in as innovative in his approach to cooking as we are to TV, so it’s a great… Continue

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I need my Twitter at conferences

Friday I spoke at the Internet Marketing Conference presented by Lars Johannson and Lennart Svanberg on a fantastic social media panel with several high-powered social media experts from the US and Canada. Patrick Schwerdtfeger of Tactical Execution moderated the panel that also included, William Azaroff of Vancity, Jacqueline Voci of SoyaMarketing, Julie Wisdom of Babcock and Jenkins. A full house sat in on a great lively workshop. We discussed a variety of social media topics, from comm… Continue

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Hi everyone, I joined today the AdGabber network and I am glad to be part of the community 🙂 Looking forward to interact with you, C Continue

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Phases of English Bulldog puppy development by Bullie Pups R Us

English bulldogs are a gorgeous breed. When one looks at an adult they should see a massive large head, massive chest, low heavy barreled body, short and low to the ground with nice wrinkles for the breed. As a breeders one of the most difficult things we run in to is the lack of understanding and knowledge by the general public as to how this breed develops over the course from a young puppy in to adulthood. When English Bulldog puppies are born many dont understand or realize that puppies ar… Continue

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Bullie Pups R Us

Bullie Pups R Us Bullie Pups R Us Bullie Pups R Us Bullie Pups R Us Bullie Pups R Us Bullie Pups R Us Bullie Pups R Us Continue

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What is White Hot in luxury web reach

SQUA.RE, eVelvet Rope, IN, Nico’s world, Diane Fay, Diamond Lounge, A Cool World, 740 Park, A Small World, Linked In, Hamptons Under Cover, Decayenne, Black Diamond, Plaxo, Pulse, Qube, LStyle… It may sound like a list of old album covers but actually it is a new media source put to work. They are just a few of the more popular on line social networking clubs. There has been a mass entry of new on line communities. People spend more time on the web then in front of the TV and these clubs, whi… Continue

Added by Lorre White "The Luxury Guru" on September 11, 2008 at 4:50pm — No Comments

LAKPA Kimberly Baffi is “Lürzer’s Archive International Student of the Year 2008”

Antiquated though it may at first appear, writing by hand can be a genuine pleasure once again for all those who choose to use Mont Blanc fountain pens. “Say goodbye to acronyms, abbreviations, et cetera, et cetera,” runs the headline of the prize-winning ad by Kimberly Baffi. Of the total of 940 campaigns submitted this year by colleges and universities from around the world, 31 made it into the pages of the internationally acclaimed magazine “Lürzer’s Archive,” which acts as a showcase for ou… Continue

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New York Festivals Partnership with Qantas Airlines

New York Festivals Winners Soar To New Heights With In-flight Screenings On Qantas Airways New York, NY – September 10, 2008 – Qantas Airways the world’s leading long distance airline and New York Festivals have partnered to entertain passengers in-flight by showcasing NYF’s World’s Best Work™ in television advertising on Qantas flights. Qantas, known globally for providing their passengers with the best in-flight entertainment, was named by the World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) as… Continue

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9.11 Santa Makes a Choice

The seasons change, with only 104 days till the greatest celebration of giving on the Earth arrives, I find myself in constant wonder. I have taken it upon myself as Santa Claus to bring as much joy and peace to the hearts of the Child in all of us. These are the most uncertain of t… Continue

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Prolog Golden Drum

see our post 🙂 Continue

Added by ioan colbeanu on September 11, 2008 at 10:57am — No Comments

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