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I need friends!

I have way too many friend requests to delete down to 100.

Please send me a friend request and I’ll gladly accept.


Morgan Mandel


Added by Morgan Mandel on October 31, 2007 at 4:20pm — 1 Comment

pod3 Dyslexia film premieres Friday 9th – please come, the UK’s fastest growing video-podcast webTV company, is proud to announce that they have produced, filmed and edited a DVD and video podcast which highlights people’s experiences of being Dyslexic.

Produced in association with the Adult Dyslexia Centre (Thames Valley) based in Maidenhead Berkshire England, and funded by the Arts Council of England, the film comprises a series of sketches written and performed by members of the Centre.

“We’re delighted to be involv… Continue

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Antioch sabotaged from the inside out?

I was recently sent a link to the article “Shock, awe and Antioch: The Bush administration’s attack on progressive education.” At first glance, the article seemed as an exploratory upon the financial woes of the liberal college, and I expected to read about the possibility of fraud or mis-use of funds…the normal stuff. Was I… Continue

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Angela Natividad ‘Hulu’ May Be the Last Sound Joost Ever Hears

With virtually no load or lag time whatsoever, I’m currently watching the feature film


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In Smoke ‘n’ Mirrors I covered all the differences between the Cali blazes and the Gulf’s canes. Here’s a few more parallels, for you. And believe me, you’re gonna love these… EFFIN’ FEMA!: In the gulf, FEMA under Mike Brown was about as incompetent as an agency could be. This time, even taking into account the disparate challenges posed by the fire vs. water FEMA is showing once again that their stupidity knows no bounds.… Continue

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FNG to AdGabber

I’m one of the Friday FNG’s to AdGabber. Having been a long-time reader of AdRants, I figured it was time to become a little more involved with the site that has given me so much joy over the years and get involved in the social end of it. Of course I’m active on LinkedIn, but it always left me wanting a little bit more. I was a little leery to join up in some of the Facebook crowds that are linked to the online ad community, wanting to keep my past personal life separate from the professional (… Continue

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First blog on AdGrabber

But certainly not my first blog. I’ve been blogging for several years. Last Novenmber – can’t believe it’s been a year – I started TheBrandingBlog, primarilly for small businesses and for those in marketing communications positions who want more insight into the branding process.


Added by Martin Jelsema on October 25, 2007 at 1:14pm — No Comments I new about it – did you? is a stock market for sports tickets – among their marketing plans is NapAds – the distribution of photo-realistic napkins to targeted audiences…hitting the financial districts of Chicago and NYC.


Added by Dan Elbaz on October 25, 2007 at 9:51am — 2 Comments

My Trip

It appears iframes embeds don’t work in this blog post, so click here to see my dive trip video: Continue

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The Business of Social?

Does anyone have experience with the business side of social networking? I mean really, is anyone experienced?

I have been meeting with a large group of professionals that are convinced that the best way to market their companies is go get involved with social networks and leverage those networks to further their brands.

I feel a bit differently. I think there is an opportunity to build a network of consumers around an industry, and bring the industry players into that commun… Continue

Added by David Hein on October 24, 2007 at 2:42pm — 4 Comments

Career Direction Dilemmas (aka The Adventures of Gilligan)

So… I’ve had the second interview with the publishing company for an internship, and it went well, but I fear they are going to try to groom the intern for a part time permanent position. I can’t afford to work part time, I just want the internship! It would be perfect for me!

Then, I have a telephone interview for an entry level marketing position in an investment company. Not very sexy, but the position sounded fun, website design, basic CRM data input, correspondence with clients… Continue

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What to blog…what to blog…

I have no idea. I have a regular blog. I’m mostly here to look around and see what the site’s about at first. I like the idea of getting to talk to other folks in a professional sense. Sometimes I know I get bogged down by the day that I forget to look up and see what’s new. Being that I work in web marketing…well, you can see how I can miss out on stuff.

Anyway, that’s that for now. Not sure where to really start here. If you have suggestions, please let me know. I think I’ll start… Continue

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The Continuing Saga of Gilligan’s Rescue (also known as The Reinvention of Me)

I went on a second interview today for an internship. Today’s appointment was with the V.P. When his assistant contacted me for the second interview, instead of just offering me the internship, both my father and my S.O. suspected that I would be offered an actual job position. Well, they were right…. sort of.

The VP’s assistant is taking leave and the company needs to replace her with someone with administrative experience in supporting principals. Bingo. However, {he

Added by hkremer on October 23, 2007 at 5:20pm — 1 Comment

When I Grow Up?

I want media to be a respected and valued discipline in the Advertising industry.

Maybe it’s just me and maybe I am just being too damned serious today, but ass kissing was never a strategy that worked with me … and never will. It is not why I do what I do and love doing it. And it burns me that the ad community continues to focus on it, even in fun. OK, maybe I am being too serious. But I am too invested in this posting … and I can’t turn back


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hell’s sneezing all over SoCal!!!

250,000 people evacuated. Miles of land ruined. Billions of dollars in property destroyed Depleted resources and responders. The National Guard’s been called. Another state turned disaster area. No end in sight. And it’s only Monday.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, me, too.

Funny thing, as I sit with smoke filling my little corner of SoCal—so far, we’re okay, haven’t been evac’d yet; God will it, we won’t—all I could do is two things (1) Pray. (2) Watch TV.

For starters,


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Friday Night Fights with Bill Maher… Yeah I was actually there.

So, I’m in the studio audience of Real Time w/ Bill Maher on 11/19 when Friday Night @ the Fights breaks out.

Seriously, I was there. My girl’s sister is friends with someone there so we go every now and then… I was also there the other week when Mos, Cornell West were on. (Add Mighty Mos to the list of 9/11 conspiracy theorists, too; but Black Dante was smart enough to get on the panel and discuss his views as opposed to yelling indecipherable crap from the shadows… Continue

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More About Avatars and Business

There are many ways to incorporate avatars into online business. Tech support could definitely benefit. Very few software or hardware customers read a tech support site’s FAQ or documentation. Personally, I don’t blame them. When something doesn’t work, I want to ask and find the solution.

An avatar can be your personal tech support consultant. Type your question and let the avatar tell you the answer. Once you hear the answer, the site can provide a button fo


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Avatars and Business

Online businesses are beginning to use avatars. This rate of usage will increase over the next few years.

You go to Amazon to purchase some books. The beauty of traditional books stores is that they are ideal for browsing, looking for the unknown. An avatar at Amazon can provide this service. Ask the avatar, “What new mysteries are available?” and the avatar tells you the new mysteries that are in stock. You click on a button to view these recommendations or t


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People communicate in many ways. They write, speak, and they use facial and body language. People send email, write blogs, and express opinions in message forums.

An email address identifies the person who sent an email and a user name identifies a person in a forum. How do we identify a voice on the Internet? How do we place a face with a user name?

We use avatars to visually represent a person’s identity online. The avatar may be 2D, 3D, look like a c


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About Geometric Informatics

Founded in 2002, Geometric Informatics (GI) is a research and software development company based in Boston. We specialize in 3D computer graphics and are producing cutting-edge products for a variety of industries. We are one of the world’s fastest growing and innovative computer graphics companies.

At Geometric Informatics, our research applies newly discovered algorithms developed from modern theories in geom


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