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Mav brings you another banging mixtape free! Pages from my rhymebook

Lyrical Latino MC, Mav released his new mixtape today titled “Pages from my Rhymebook.” Featuring West Coast Kam, Trap, MC Eiht, Knawledg and more, this one should not go slept on! This mixtape features hits such as “micadvancement” “rockin in the club” “102 bars” and more. The mixtape features production from Diaz Millenia( cl smooth , lupe fiasco , Marvo ), Mustafa be… Continue

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Holiday peace and goodwill.

Every year when it’s time to send out the redpepper holiday greeting to all our friends, it’s like voting for the next president. The debate can sometimes last half the year. It seems like you can’t ever stop coming up with the next best idea and the last one is questioned to death. When doing creative for your own brand, it’s challenging to keep each other from being hypercritical. So, for 2009, the objective for our holiday greeting to our fans was simple, have fun and share our culture. We… Continue

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About ‘green dogma’ in ecology text in romanian Continue

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I Love Yesterday

Yesterday, I went shopping with my best friend working at essay writing services. She bought a lot of stuff while I just bought a pair of stiletto and a pair of skinny jeans. Okay, I love make-ups so I also bought one for me. Oh wait, as I write my essay of what happened yesterday, I saw my crush enter the coffee shop where I am now. Oh well, I guess today is my l… Continue

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PlanetBuzz: SEO, Viral Word of Mouth, Business Social Media for YOUR Business….

Social Media,is the name attached to the planet-wide phenomenon that has attracted hundreds of millions of users. Between Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace, Ning, Digg, etc. millions upon millions of people are ‘friending, linking, watching, and connecting’ in various ways through various means. The use of Social Media has surpassed the use of email as the most popular internet activity. Once called the ‘democratization of information and sharing of ideas and experiences’, the Busi… Continue

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Optimizing Pages for improved Performance

If you know the internet and all website development to Asp.Net you will need to know about the wonders Data Grid, Data list and Repeater controls in Although each has its place, if you are only displaying data is much faster and more efficient means to do so. Say you have a page that displays articles based on articles query string. Each article is stored in the database and displayed on the page based on a unique id article as stored in the database. Typical asp page execution proc… Continue

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Why do we feel its our responsibility to love him?

I woke up this morning thinking about abuse and how the victim always feels responsible. Why is that so? My younger cousin was in this situation a few years back and she always felt she had to love her abuser because he said no one else did. That’s why she stayed and endured the abuse- mental, verbal, and physical. I wrote a story loosely based off her experience as a young mother who survived domestic violence and it’s titled “Silent Cries.” “Silent Cries” is the first story in the uplifting an… Continue

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First there was sugar hill gang, run dmc, ghetto boys, public enemy, nwa, dre, snoop, nas, wu tang, dmx, jayz, ludacris, eminem, ti, paul wall, 50 cent kanye west, lupe fiasco, solja boy, drake and now Mav. Mav has been murding mics and making hits for several years and you es oh el musik stay bringing you hot music here is another banger from mav of sol camp. Here is a song where he spits pure firewater lyrics. This song was off of Bassline killa and its called “102 bars”. It was produced by mu… Continue

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Party Line 24/7

The Digital Conglomerate


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Why Would Anyone Use Internet Marketing to Make Money?

Many people have products or services that they would like to sell, and some are actually already in business but they need to expand. As technology grows, more and more companies are starting to use Internet Marketing to expand their businesses. The global web has become so huge that marketing online is becoming a must for most companies. Because the work force has decreased so much in the past year, a lot of people are now working mainly from home. Making money online is becoming the wave of t… Continue

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What a Marketer Can Learn from a Beauty Pageant

As regular readers of the RandM blog can tell you, Robinson & Maites art director Ashley Bradarich won the Miss Illinois USA 2010 pageant the weekend of November 21st. In a year when Chicago saw an almost endless string of competitive disappointments, this was one heck of a breath of fresh air … much like… Continue

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Macau Hotel

Macau Hotels Sixty kilometres west across the Pearl River estuary from Hong Kong lies the tiny Portuguese enclave of MACAU . A mere sliver of mainland and a couple of islands covering about twenty-four square kilometres in total, the territory is geographically and economically a midget compared to its booming cousin across the water, and the Macanese transfer of sovereignty back to China in 1999 – two years after Hong Kong’s – had none of the drama o… Continue

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TRG’s Dorito’s Super Bowl Commercial Entry

Hey Everyone, Our video and production studio worked with some friends and industry associates to help produce a :30 spot for the Dorito’s “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. Check out the spot below. It takes awhile to load, but worth the effort: More details about the talent behind the spot can be found at: Than… Continue

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