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Ian Venskus Understanding Interactive

When explaining to my grandfather what I do as an interactive advertiser, I’ll typically use the analogy of building a house, since he’s built many in his life, and there are many similarities between designing and building a house and designing and building a website.

First there are blueprints. Detailing what is going to be built to the exact inch and making sure everything is level. This in the interactive world is called User Experience Planning and Informati

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Jorge Parra Jorge Parra Photography’s Interview for Select Magazine issue 64

You are all invited to read my recent interview for Select Magazine, Issue 64, in the Miami Photographers section, where I speak of my process to relocate from Venezuela to the USA, and my life in a country that has welcomeContinue

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Steve McNamara 100 Creative Advertising Ideas

Hello Fellow AdGabbers:

You might like to check out AdCracker’s list of 100 Creative Advertising Ideas over the past 12 months.

> Advertising Ideas

The top 10 are in set #5.


Steve Continue

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Steve McNamara launches site enhancments with fresh content and Flash gizmos

Hi All:

Last week we updated several sections of, some of which you might find interesting:… Continue

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Jorge Parra My Google Coupon is active effective immediately: I will charge you more than anyone.

After giving good thought about my services, I found out I want out of the race to the bottom.
I don’t want to compete on low

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Jorge Parra Updates to main website

Adding new photos from personal, commercial and art projects plus basic updates to my main website has been fun and I hope you enjoy it too: Please do not hesitate to send me some feedback , if you feel like it. Best Jorge Parra Continue

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motionstream The Economist Media Convergence Forum

The Economist Media Convergence Forum The Moment of Truth: Consumers, Technology and Commerce The Altman Building, New York City, October 20-21, 2009 NEW YORK, NY—October 26, 2009— The Economist Media Convergence Forum was a 2-day event that brought together thought leaders, tech… Continue

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TV advertisting: beware the missing link

It is almost amusing to see an advert on TV (or any advert or piece of communication at that!) that totally misses their own point. I say ‘almost’ because although I smirk a little and shake my head in absolute wonder, it’s rather depressing to know that someone out there actually got paid money from producing it. And good money too, in all probability. It’s even more depressing when one thinks that the client then wasted even more money by flighting the commercial. In peak times, on premium ch… Continue

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Mascot Mayhem – Just Brand It Baby

FADE IN Smoke-filled Madison Avenue boardroom, circa 1951… Ad Man#1: “Ok, what do we have for options for mascot for our client’s new sugar flaked cereal?” Ad Man #2: “We have Katy the Kangaroo, Elmo the Elephant, Newt the Gnu and Tony the Tiger. Ad Man #1: “That’s it? Christ. They suck. None of these will ever work. How bout something like Frosty the Frog?” Believe it or not a conversation very similar to that probably occurred. And, believe it or not, those were the actual choices for ma… Continue

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Denny Kurien: Creative Advertisng Guy …

Check out my audition for HP Space: Click HERE to view Video.


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motionstream The Venue Drives the Medium

Content development represents one of the biggest challenges—and ongoing expenses—for digital signage networks. The type of content that you need to acquire for your network is driven by the nature of the venue. The challenge for networks is to understand why certain content wo… Continue

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Can Quality Creative Really be Crowdsourced?

Crowdsourcing creative is fast becoming a part of the design marketplace. For those unfamiliar with crowdsourcing creative, it’s a way of throwing out a project to a worldwide pool of persons who practice a particular discipline, say graphic design, and in return you get creative submissions from artists with a wide range of experience levels and talent. You choose which concepts to pay for and negotiate a price. The turnaround is fast, and you wind up with lots of submissions to choose from.… Continue

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General Motors Rally Cap Commercial is out of touch with America

Has anyone seen the latest commercial from General Motors? It’s difficult to see but they use the “rally cap” as their metaphor for the ad. If you’re not familiar with the rally cap, it’s a baseball superstition that started, I’m guessing, back in the 80’s. If your team was behind in the last inning, the fans would turn their baseball caps inside out and wear them that way. It showed solidarity among the fans to hopefully give their team a little extra luck to rally back and w… Continue

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Pop Rocks, Pop Culture, and Life. Nothing seems to entertain more than those mini movies on TV that we call commercials. Commercials are so loved that even 20, 30, or 40 years later, people fondly recall their favorites from childhood, or even the new favorite viewed just the night before. I most fondly recall the commercials from Saturday mornings when I would sit on the floor in front of the TV, watching cartoons in my pajamas. Mind you, t… Continue

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Apple’s Think Different Commercial

When Apple extended the IBM tag-word ‘Think’, to their own tagline ‘Think Different’, it let the air right out of IBM’s tires. In a way, it was sad. @MichelleMMM Continue

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Building Brands Online – The Silent Click Has Value!

Recent studies show that consumers spend 40% of their media time online making online advertising an ideal place to deliver brand messages. However, in the past we have used only one metric to measure online advertising…clicks. We were wrong! The Online Publishers Association, OPA, released a study today that assessed 80 of the largest consumer websites. over a month’s time analyzing consumer behaviors of those Internet users who were exposed to display advertising. “The Silent Click” measure… Continue

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Lions, Tigers and Teddy Bears … Oh My! Toy Fair ‘09 After attending the 106th annual American International Toy Fair in New York City earlier this year, we at Accelerator Advertising are excited to see how well the toy industry is going to do this year. We were there to develop new strategies for packaging, designing children toys, and marketing the latest trends of going green and lead-free. We explored every inch of the Jacob K. Javit Center and when talking with t… Continue

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Super Bowl Commericals The Super Bowl is always the time North America looks forward to great football, food, drink, friends, and for me… great advertising. This year, once again, offered lots of great creative and memorable ads. The Doritos spot in particular was interesting because it was not only funny and memorable, it also placed the product in a starring role which many commercials fail to do in an effort to entertain rat… Continue

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Ian Venskus The New Advertising Platform

During this recession it has been quiet clear that Newspapers and Magazines will not last in their printed forms much longer, and that the push to online news and content has accelerated. Media distributors have two problems right now: 1. They can’t charge a lot for banner ads because banner ads and other online “advertising techniques” don’t really work in terms of “make the logo bigger” type branding. (Fault of both advertisers and media distributors.) 2. Media Distributors have not found a… Continue

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Local Advertising: A Latent Opportunity?

Overview India – a traditionally under-advertised market has received a fillip from a recently released PWC report. According to the PWC E&M Report-2008, a CAGR of 18% is supposed to provide impetus for the industry to grow form Rs 196.4 b in 2007 to Rs 453 b in 2012. According to global studies by JupiterResearch the CAGR of local advertising in this period will be 13%. There is no available India-specific study in this accord; however, given its geographical dispersion and cultural divers… Continue

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