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There Are Only Sheep And Eagles.

Article of mine that was published June 23, 2009

There Are Only Sheep And Eagles.

By Lorre White, CEO of White Light Consulting an international luxury marketing consulting company.
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Sheep and Eagles (95%/5% rule)

The world is made up of two kinds of people, sheep and eagles. The two can co-exist, as neither is a

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Extreme Sales Tips and Tricks – Prospect List Building and Lead Generation

Why do some Business Professionals perform better than others? Do you want to be know as a “Successful Business Woman/Man“? I bet – YOU DO. The Success Formula used by successful business professionals is the way in which they Build their Prospect Lists. Online Lead Generation is the latest trend used by business professionals. They hunt for prospects, do in-depth research on them and finally approach them. The easiest way to build prospect lists is by leveraging the… Continue

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Pages + Lists = Powerful RSS

Facebook Pages + Lists = Powerful RSS
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Hip-Hoppers are embracing Social Media on LoveTheCool SHOW (Episode 2)

SPOHKES and his crew talked to us about hip-hop, social media and living for inspiration. And no joke, wrote the song ‘FOLLOW ME’ and recorded it, in the two hours we were with him. WHERE SPOHKES LIVES Blog MySpaceContinue

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LoveTheCool SHOW Debut Episode

TWICE A MONTH we’re catching up with playas in two of the coolest fields on the planet, FASHION + MUSIC, and finding out how they are using SOCIAL MEDIA. LoveTheCool SHOW will publish twice a month, and always clock under 3 minutes. Here we are speaking with Jessen Fitzpatrick and Andria Rapagnola, owners of Salmagundi, a cutting-edge hat and accessory boutique in Boston Continue

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“Mr. CEO, what do you believe?”

Perhaps this true story, which I posted on Ribblog yesterday, will prompt some discussion : One of the most disheartening moments in my career occurred at a meeting between senior managers of a FORTUNE 100 company and its PR team that included me. One of the client’s people asked: “What should our CEO’s position be about . . . . ?” I was the only person shocked by the query. Indeed, the experts on both sides of the table assumed it was their role to help the CEO def… Continue

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The New York Times Does Disney-

Oh please, “Fearful of coming off as too manipulative, youth-centric media companies rarely discuss this kind of field research.” ??????? Sorry to be the one who has to break the news to them but–Hey Disney, it’s too late–we know that you have done an exceptional job of manipulating youth worldwide and will continue your efforts towards this cause. All this time I thought media companies and any other commercial entities that market to children treat their research as absolutely proprietar… Continue

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The Cellphone, Navigating Our Lives – The Cellphone, Navigating Our Lives – Source: Cellphones have changed how we communicate with others, and now they are changing how we think about information. There is some concern about whether reliance on GPS systems will produce a culture of beings lacking the ability to map out environments by using their minds. Gamers are capable of… Continue

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L. Diane Wolfe’s Interview With Author and Publisher Carol Denbow, a.k.a., Author 101

You have quite the variety of non-fiction books – how did this occur? Well L. Diane, I think I see a need and quickly develop a twisted sort of desire to fill it. My first book, Are You Ready to Be Your Own Boss? was a book I had wanted to write for many years. As a woma… Continue

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Golden Stiletto Award 2008

I had the pleasure of b… Continue

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Keegan and Tucker at Nightingale Bullies! Move on Over here they come!

Look for them in the Show Ring! We want to properly introduce Keegan and Tucker out of CH Golucan Cole Bethlazor from Hungary! Yes, they were importe and are to die for! i cant imagine life without them now. they are spectacular english bulldogs and have a temperament that is so sweet, so loving and just amazing. keegan is a little more outgoing and never leaves my side. tucker is a little more curious about the world around him. he want to explore everything and find out how it all works. i w… Continue

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