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Steve McNamara How to create memorable brand characters.

Some of the world’s most effective advertising campaigns have been built on brand characters.

You certainly know the brand character who introduces himself, “I’m a Mac” for Apple computers.

In the U.S. you’ve seen the Geico Gecko as well as his competitor, a woman named “Flo” who works for Progressive insurance.

Internationally, Ronald McDonald and the Michelin Tire Man trigger instant recognition.

Research shows that while few people remember specific a… Continue

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Parallel Action – How you move

Think about what happens when you work in a linear fashion – you wait right? Most process models are designed so that “B” can’t start until “A” is finished. This makes getting from A to Z time consuming, not to mention – it leaves no room for exploration, experimentation and failure. Wait, failure? Yes. Failures in a process are necessary for evolving an idea and even starting over if needed. “Parallel action” allows for these steps to occur and is the difference between work that is good or wor… Continue

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New Staff Members For The Digital Conglomerate Magazine…

The Digital Conglomerate Magazine would like to take time out to welcome our newest staff members and executive officers Ms. Chrystalyn Paulin and Ms. Janet Dawson.

Feel free to take a look at their biographical information below and send them a welcome message as well.

Click Here To View
Chrystalyn Paulin’s Profile


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Party Line 24/7

The Digital Conglomerate


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Calling All Creatives!!

Help the commonly unemployed find their identity by understanding yours. We are searching for answers and advice, filling in blanks for young creatives, and exploring the future of advertising in the process. Give us a shout at [email protected] if you would like to contribute. check out our new… Continue

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Steve McNamara New sample creative brief at has posted a new > Sample Creative Brief based on an interesting test campaign for Citibank. Check it out here: Let me know what you think. Cordially, Steve Continue

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SHOW UP – Working/living as a creative person

Below is the outline and notes from a speaking engagement that I did at a local art college, Nossi College of Art, Nashville TN. I don’t think students get to hear any of this information. Of course this is very brief, but the hour that I spoke covers this in more detail. I just wanted to share this outline. Good stuff for creatives fresh or not, I coach my creative team on these things all the time. The first thing you have to do is… Give a shit. This attitude will be th… Continue

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Can Quality Creative Really be Crowdsourced?

Crowdsourcing creative is fast becoming a part of the design marketplace. For those unfamiliar with crowdsourcing creative, it’s a way of throwing out a project to a worldwide pool of persons who practice a particular discipline, say graphic design, and in return you get creative submissions from artists with a wide range of experience levels and talent. You choose which concepts to pay for and negotiate a price. The turnaround is fast, and you wind up with lots of submissions to choose from.… Continue

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Jennifer Ramos Creativity is Sparked During Recessions

Creativity was celebrated throughout the first week of April in Geneva during their annual International Exhibition of Inventions. Inventors from 45 countries around the world showed up with hopes of having their inventions picked-up by investors/ manufacturers. Some of the featured inventions included spring-loaded high heels which act as tiny shock absorbers to make walking more comfortable, a totally “hands free” computer mouse, an electronic device which protects infants from sudden death d… Continue

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Please don’t hire Jack Goldenberg to work miracles at your agency.

Well, Jack Goldenberg is out of Bristol-Myers after two years of blowing the doors off the numbers for cancer drugs, wound-healing gels and who-knows what else. (See below for the real story.) Jack, darlin’, I figure you’d think it’s a good idea if I remind all our Gabber friends why it’s imperative we get you back in a big agency pronto. Or leading the creative efforts in-house at a corporation. And you would be the perfect person to double the size of a small agency – or save that huge accou… Continue

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Your saliva is also important!

To carry on with the ‘revolutionary’ topics that I started yesterday, I let you one campaign that I have seen in the last days and I like it. That is the campaign of Saatchi & Saatchi Southeast Asia Regional from Bangkok, Thailand, to Amnesty International. Two female art directors, Brandy Vu and Linda Pham, have participated in it.


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