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Grunge Luxury Events…

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New Staff Members For The Digital Conglomerate Magazine…

The Digital Conglomerate Magazine would like to take time out to welcome our newest staff members and executive officers Ms. Chrystalyn Paulin and Ms. Janet Dawson.

Feel free to take a look at their biographical information below and send them a welcome message as well.

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Chrystalyn Paulin’s Profile


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What You Have Been Missing!

Check Out These Featured Models And More Entertainment Inside…

The Digital Conglomerate Magazine.

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On Consultingguy’s World…

Alondus’ Profile – Cli… Continue

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LoveTheCool Digital Strategy Company

LoveTheCool digital strategy company description, case study and bio.
LoveTheCool Digital Strategy
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Which Social Media Channels Should You Be Using For Personal Branding

A few weeks ago I posted a matrix designed to help companies decide what social media channels they should be using. I originally intended to outline which channels are best to achieve certain personal branding goals, but as I talked with people who are leaders in personal branding; I started to get a lot of data, and decided to split the posts in two.

This post is dedicate


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Latest Digital Products To Promote – No Cost 2 U…

Latest Digital Products To Promote – No Cost 2 U… If you’re interested in promoting affiliate products, but just don’t want to join a paid membership site or simply don’t want to burden yourself with building a salespage, loading graphics, setting up a shopping cart, etc., etc., etc. AND all you wanna do is promote some of the lates… Continue

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They’ve Built You a Plug & Play Money Making System…

They’ve Built You a Plug & Play Money Making System… My two friends Soren Jordansen and Cindy Battye just released their highly anticipated ClickBank Pirate – a turnkey system for making massive Clickbank commissions on autopilot. I know that sounds too good to be true… But I’ve seen the system they have created – It’s the real deal, and I c… Continue

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Billboard 2.0 – going digital means they are no longer the Rodney Dangerfield of media

For those of us always swimming in cyberspace, it can be shocking to realize that new media go beyond Web x.0, mobile messaging, and other vehicles that enable marketers (and people you know) to communicate with you during every waking moment. Yesterday, I went outdoors and ventured onto the highway where, for the first time, I began to think about the wondrous transformation that has come over billboards. Of course I’ve seen digital billboards before, but never really thought about them. So, I… Continue

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Download Our Toolbar


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Diverse Media Group, LLC … EPK

Diverse Media Group, LLC.


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Social media junk vs. trill: a tale of Time and Newsweek

In trying to add value to the dialogue about new media and their uses by business, Ribblog harps about needing to know exactly how technology can make you better, rather than following the latest experts and their predictions. Make sure you learn about everything new before your competitors do. Then, use the latest techno tools to communicate with your customers as soon as you have a solid plan for improving your business with them. Make sure you rely on those who walk the walk, which is a lot t… Continue

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The Cellphone, Navigating Our Lives – The Cellphone, Navigating Our Lives – Source: Cellphones have changed how we communicate with others, and now they are changing how we think about information. There is some concern about whether reliance on GPS systems will produce a culture of beings lacking the ability to map out environments by using their minds. Gamers are capable of… Continue

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ROI Driven Campaigns May Save the Day

From the Pamoja Media Blog It has been a recurring theme since mid 2008, large corporations announcing forecast reductions and losses. Amidst this climate, the ad industry has also had its fair share of grim announcements. But the silver lining for the ad industry may be ROI intensive ad campaigns. So while marketing departments may be cutting back on ad dollars, they are still going to be spe… Continue

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