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The Impact of Media Giant: Gannett Company

Who is the Gannett Company? During road trips, I always pick up complimentary issues of USA Today from hotel lobbies. Gannett Company owns USA Today, the nation’s number one newspaper. Job seekers around the globe, myself included, go to CareerBuilder, which is partially owned by Gannett Company. These two names are a drop in the bucket for this company who has built their mass media empire for over a century.

Gannett Company, an international media and marketing solutions company with… Continue

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Why do luxury website demad such a premium.

Why do luxury web sites demand such a premium over mass market sites? In truth the mass market sites hit many more consumers and are substantially cheaper to advertise on. The reason is that a luxury product like a yacht or a private jet, or expensive jewelry, an exotic car, and other items that sell in the millions of dollars pays so much more, for so many fewer views, is they offer “qualified hi


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How The Spiritual Movement Benefits The Luxury Market.

By Lorre White, the international luxury marketing expert


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Ian Venskus Understanding Interactive

When explaining to my grandfather what I do as an interactive advertiser, I’ll typically use the analogy of building a house, since he’s built many in his life, and there are many similarities between designing and building a house and designing and building a website.

First there are blueprints. Detailing what is going to be built to the exact inch and making sure everything is level. This in the interactive world is called User Experience Planning and Informati

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Prince Sokule – Build Your Following, Explode Your Sales

Sokule is SO KULE for business


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Think about it, maybe innocently you are preparing yourself to be an expert on… whatever you are investing your time.

So, stop the world a little bit and then choose; what do you want to be an expert at?

Jane gave an awesome conference where she explains why gamers can help to make this world a better place and reach what she calls “epic game” for real.

Then, i just start thinking about what would happen if some Human Resources area starts using games as a tool… Continue

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As usual we’ll see tousands of new models of mobile devices coming up and fighting for being in the list of favourites in the market, however tendencies are clear so we’ll not just watching, listening and touching screeens of a beautiful devices, we’ll be experiencing contents: news, products and services.

Out there we can find companies developing this new “touchable – experiences” but i still loving the vision of Wired and their work behind the… Continue

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What You Have Been Missing!

Check Out These Featured Models And More Entertainment Inside…

The Digital Conglomerate Magazine.

Browse Through All The Issues Of The Digital Conglomerate Magazine

On Consultingguy’s World…

Alondus’ Profile – Cli… Continue

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Was the Cadillac CTS-V Challenge a Win?

Let me get four things out of the way before my post-gam… Continue

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motionstream The Economist Media Convergence Forum

The Economist Media Convergence Forum The Moment of Truth: Consumers, Technology and Commerce The Altman Building, New York City, October 20-21, 2009 NEW YORK, NY—October 26, 2009— The Economist Media Convergence Forum was a 2-day event that brought together thought leaders, tech… Continue

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Yes, a Car Dealer Can be a “Trust Agent”

The book… Continue

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Will Sidewiki Become an OEM or Dealership’s Worst Social Media Nightmare?

Google just released a new technology th… Continue

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motionstream The Venue Drives the Medium

Content development represents one of the biggest challenges—and ongoing expenses—for digital signage networks. The type of content that you need to acquire for your network is driven by the nature of the venue. The challenge for networks is to understand why certain content wo… Continue

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Jorge Parra FaceBook and Twitter anyone??

Is the AdGabber community into Social Media? I bet you all do!! Let’s exchange info and get to know each other better!! Here’s my info Jorge Continue

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Diverse Media Group, LLC … EPK

Diverse Media Group, LLC.


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Pharma Marketing Progress and Problems

It’s good to see that a leading voice in marketing is thinking along the same lines as I am. On April 17 I posted “Pharma Marketing: Too Much ‘Me Too.” The May 11 issue of Advertising Age ran a lengthy article headlined titled “Big Pharma Finally Taking Big Steps to Reach Patients With Digital Media.” The article’s key points include: • Pharmas increased measured spending on internet media 36% to $137 million in 2008. • Pharmas’ preferred social media include blogs, Twitter, YouTube. • Fear of… Continue

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Marketing Professional – How to use twitter for business

(English Version)… Continue

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10 affordable ways to bring in traffic to your site by Marketing Professional

(English Version)… Continue

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