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New Website Pays Cash Daily To Alert Pay …


I have an important message about an awesome website that pays cash daily 🙂


Our affiliates receive daily cash payments of $15 to $50, but of course they can earn as much as they want.

I know the owner of this company and have been marketing his services since 2008. I like what he is doing to help people ma

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The Independent

Most of the friends and family just don’t understand,Why should one want to join a Network Marketing Company? Are they out of their mind or what?”

Information they have heard. was from the Media, or people who have never been involved and have the knowledge to advise others based on nothing, but hear say. They don’t know or ever have been involved in a Network Mar… Continue

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The “Social Networking” Secret Is Out, “Your Social Fame Network Spider Web”

The “social networking” secret is out, and all entrepreneurs are invited to take a look at “Your Social
Fame Network Spider Web”. We are proud to announce the release of the most powerful new “social
networking” tool that will help even the newest Newbie get their business seen by the Search Engines.
“Your Social Fame Network Spider Web” has been in the development stage for some time now.
With a combined 20+ years experience using methods that include the “Social Networks” the… Continue

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Latest Reputation Online episode now available

‘Reputation Online’ is an audio podcast about how individuals and organisations can develop and protect their reputation on the internet.

This week we talk to academic and corporate trainer Carol Moore about measurement and evaluation of PR programs, particularly in the


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New Network Marketing Coffee Business Opportunity | Boresha International New MLM

Boresha Coffee Business Review

Boresha International is a new network marketing company that is exploding its way onto the field with an opportunity and hot commodity that not only experienced g


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How to Earn Prospects -What they want to know

This is the most common issue for Network Marketers how to prospect effectively. Most marketers have tried the methods that they have been taught by their company and the hype is not pulling the prospects to them. Marketers are posting their advertising everywhere, but still no leads to talk to. They purchase leads that are old and outdated and start calling them without much success. Here is the solution in one sentence that sums it up in a nutshell. Prospect want to know the truth, in orContinue

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Creating that “I’ll Open” Email for Your Opportunity

Everyday we are bombard by email, from friends, advertisers, our network associates, so how do we attract people to open our email that we are advertising our business. The problem is that most people are tired of advertising. Have you ever received that email that you thought was about one subject and then when you clicked it was a full page ad for some business. What did you do? Delete Right? How did you feel? Annoyed. One of the first steps is to think like your prospects. What… Continue

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Lea Charlton & Shaquille O’Neal Invite You … Payer Player

I just had the opportunity of my lifetime this evening …
If you do not believe me … SHAME ON YOU!!!

I was on a call with Shaquille O’Neal this evening.

I joined his new social network that pays the other day – had the opportunity because of Tim G at “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work”. In fact, Matthe


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Branding starts with you!

Branding Yourself, Branding and how to do it. It’s the new network marketer today, and you will start to see the industry change into molding their net workers to do just that. You are going to hear more and more about branding. Leaders are already branding themselves. The ones who, conceive the idea and do it will have much success. I would say within the next few months. Some of the masters of marketing are now re-organizing and these gurus, who mastered the internet, what we… Continue

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5 Running a business with specialised knowledge

We all have some form of specialised knowledge, it may be that you have worked for a company for so long you have built up enough knowledge in your work place to go out and set up for yourself. This is probably one of the highest motivations for self-employment, people setting up their own company because they believe in themselves and their abilities through years of work in their industry. Hobbies and interests are also good motivations for setting up in business, people who have been interes… Continue

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Mehr Besucher

Mehr Besucher Mit diesem KOSTENLOSEM System erhalten Sie ueber 100.000 Besucher im Monat! Dieses Viral Marketing System ist absolut KOSTENLOS! Sie koennen also nur Gewinnen!!>>mehr


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Boresha Coffee – Change Your Health & Wealth!

As many are in this economy, you are probably thinking of ways to create an extra cash flow to bring into your home. Maybe looking for a business with little investment and a great opportunity to produce income? You may want to first find out what the hottest growing market is, and from there you can determine what will give you the best turn around on profit. Let me help you for a moment. The coffee is the fastest and largest industry, next to oil. Coffee is a 70 billion dollar industry and is… Continue

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Boresha Coffee – Training Webinars

The Boresha International business model offers individuals the opportunity to build a successful business of their own by simply making a referral to people, much like is done everyday. The Boresha compensation plan also allows you to build a team of people who also acquire customers, and in turn build your residual income. While making referrals is something we as human beings do every da… Continue

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Boresha Coffee – Cooperative Marketing System

“The Boresha business model has been built on a proven model, which has helped over 50 million people build their own home-based businesses, and has generated more than $110 billion worldwide. The BoresContinue

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Boresha Coffee – Ground Floor Opportunity

So what is the urgency about Boresha Coffee? It truly is GROUND FLOOR. But don’t just take my word for it… Three criteria have been developed that a network marketing company (or any new mlm) must meet in order to make it a most desirable opportunity. 1. The company should be at least 18 months old, as 90% of all network marketing companies that fail do so in the first 18 months. (BoContinue

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iPeace Day – A Global Celebration

iPeace first annual peace celebration day.

Thanks in advance for joining iPeace first global celebration for peace: Please share this blog with your friends iPeace Day 31.12.2008 Sharing Peace – Making A DifContinue

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New site launched!

Based on feedback from current users of the online social network dedicated to car dealership employees and their customers, has been relaunched with new functionality and increased navigation. The site is designed to give car buyers the ability to rate their experience with individuals they work with at a dealership location. As such, it helps to promote the salespeople (and their dealership) that have a proven ability to continually… Continue

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