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The new online marketing paradigm

Listen to the Bernie Borges interview here

Many business leaders, particularly those over 40, are aware of the bloggersphere, social media, online networks and suspect that they should participate. But they don’t know why or how and some even have a resistent attitude against online engagement.

However there is little or no chance to


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The new media – a journalist’s perspective

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Since there was a thing called “Media”, we’ve associated it with newspaper headlines, radio broadcasts and TV News. But the advent of social media, the bloggersphere and social networks has prompted us to rethink what we mean by “Mass Media”. Anyone who can write a blog or put up a podcast might be considered to be in the media business in a very real sense, beca


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A Business Park in a Virtual World

‘Reputation Online’ is an audio podcast about how individuals and organisations can develop and protect their reputation on the internet.

What if you could bring an ad to life in a way that allow


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A Three Prong Approach to Monetizing Inventory

Sweeping generalization time: Publishers focus direct sales efforts on maintaining a $20 CPM and when they can’t sell it, throw those impressions to remnant networks and hope they get a $1 CPM for it. As I said, it’s a sweeping generalization, but most publishers continue to struggle with getting CPMs that they feel they deserve or need to operate and if their efforts to sell inventory fails, the remnant CPM level is frighteningly lower than what they were hoping for. The disparity is rarely add… Continue

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Monetize This!

It seems that business pundits are of the mind that many of the successful social networks that exist today are doomed to fail because of a crippling inability to monetize themselves. I’ve thought about this and I’d like to take a moment to mount my digital soapbox. After much reflection, I think that this is not only a myopic point of view, but that it is exactly this line of thinking that will in fact bring down social networking as we know it. I’ll be honest with you; in college I didn’t exa… Continue

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Managing ad networks during tough times

The Wall Street Journal is one of the latest to point out that the field of ad networks is overcrowded. Expect a steady stream over the next number of months of ad networks closing their doors, laying people off or consolidating. For ad operations it’s important to prepare for the possibility that a network partner might shut down. Hopefully, all that means is moving to another network, but having gone through myself a few yea… Continue

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Affiliate Marketing

Is anyone being successful with affiliate marketing at the minute and how are they achieving results. I have recently joined an affiliate network – who are being great and really helpful but just wanted to know how to take it to the next level. Continue

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