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Ways to keep your web site content fresh

How pleasant is a glass of icy tonic water with 2 slices of lemon in a torrid summer day? Let’s make your web site as cool and refreshing as this drink!

First, you have to kno


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Jorge Parra An unusual photographic portfolio for a special Lighting Design Project in Ankara, Turkey

Hi everyone


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PlanetBuzz: SEO, Viral Word of Mouth, Business Social Media for YOUR Business….

Social Media,is the name attached to the planet-wide phenomenon that has attracted hundreds of millions of users. Between Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace, Ning, Digg, etc. millions upon millions of people are ‘friending, linking, watching, and connecting’ in various ways through various means. The use of Social Media has surpassed the use of email as the most popular internet activity. Once called the ‘democratization of information and sharing of ideas and experiences’, the Busi… Continue

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Why do we feel its our responsibility to love him?

I woke up this morning thinking about abuse and how the victim always feels responsible. Why is that so? My younger cousin was in this situation a few years back and she always felt she had to love her abuser because he said no one else did. That’s why she stayed and endured the abuse- mental, verbal, and physical. I wrote a story loosely based off her experience as a young mother who survived domestic violence and it’s titled “Silent Cries.” “Silent Cries” is the first story in the uplifting an… Continue

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Social media junk vs. trill: a tale of Time and Newsweek

In trying to add value to the dialogue about new media and their uses by business, Ribblog harps about needing to know exactly how technology can make you better, rather than following the latest experts and their predictions. Make sure you learn about everything new before your competitors do. Then, use the latest techno tools to communicate with your customers as soon as you have a solid plan for improving your business with them. Make sure you rely on those who walk the walk, which is a lot t… Continue

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Twitter Presentations

Last week at the WOMMA University conference, I was one of the leaders of the workshops focused on optimizing your Twitter performance. As a takeaway for the attendees, I sent links to a few Twitter presentations that I had created.

A few months ago, I presented Become a Twitter Ninja at a webinar sponsored by The Society


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WOMMA rocks South Beach: Inside the numbers

I returned from a great WOMM U. social media and word of mouth marketing training event put on by WOMMA in South Beach. It was a great event and I got to lead a few workshops on Twitter. You can find those presentations,


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Saturday, March 14, 2009 d+g Communications Group Honored with 12 Awards in the First Quarter of 2009 The public relations team at d+g earned the prestigious Special Recognition Award from the Gold Coast Public Relations Council for our contribution to the field of public relations. The award was granted to d+g on the basis of creativity, vision, execution and most of all achieving results for our clients as presented at the 2009 Bernays Awards ceremony held on January 29th, 2009. The creative… Continue

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Making Sense of Twitter’s Stream of Consciousness

Does the minutiae of Twitter have any real meaning? What if you could learn from your “I’m having a ham sandwich” Twitter moments by plotting your snap judgments and feelings on a graph?

One of the things we love about Twitter is the ability to lifestream our personal digital history and share it with our friends and followers. Although we are creating lasting digital moments by passively documenting our lives, we feel that this history


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Boresha Coffee – Fundraising

Boresha Coffee with A HEALING CUP provides a domestic fundraising program for organizations needing to supplement their operating, revenue, and achieve stated financial goals. recession-proof ~ 100% certified organic ~ worlds most traded commodity, 2nd only to oil a superior product that everyone consumes ~ provides an ongoing stream of revenue helps those in need in other parts of our world What if your organization could: Raise needed fund… Continue

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NY Times Ambient Awareness Article and the Twitter Community’s reaction

If you haven’t seen it yet, sit down and read Clive Thompson’s provocative article in today’s NY Times magazine, Brave New World of Digital Intimacy on the social realities of Twitter and Facebook. Thompson focuses on the relationships of loose ties that are now possible with the communities. He describes how we deal with incessant online contact, using a term that you will hear for awhile, ambient awareness. I thought so much of the article that I posted it here on Adgabber in the forum. As y… Continue

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Sicily tours : See what makes Sicily unique

You can not ignore Sicily if you are traveling to European country. Sicily is a wonderful place situated in

Italy, Sicily is also famous for weather and great Sicilian food. Its pleasant climate and scenic beauty make it a perfect vacation & travel photography destination. Sicily is an exotic island, in west of the southern end of the Italian peninsula, in the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily covers the largest… Continue

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