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Aleksandar Ratkovic WWW to non WWW or reverse?

You have an established site for some time and you just realized, or some SEO consultant told you, Google see your WWW and non-www pages as different pages with same content. So, you shall make 301 redirect on one way or another. but what way to chose?
Make a small analyze first. How many www pages Google indexed from your site? And how many non-www?
Then, analyze inbound links. How many links d… Continue

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Aleksandar Ratkovic One long or several short web pages?

What is better for SEO? One long page or several short web pages?

If web page is too big or long, they rank lower than pages that are small and focused.
Visitors do not like scrolling. Pages with really lot of text below the fold will lose many visitors because of that.
With several pages you can link each

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Puneet Khare The Easiest Link Building Technique: Blog Directory Submission

What is Link building? I will tell you about links building from very easiest way. There are many professional way for link building- Directory submission, Blog, Articles submission. Blog directory is the easiest and effective way for link exchange.

To your blog or website you are looking for good link building tips, you can start with blog directories submission. It’s best to get all your blog pages are indexed quickly. The


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Puneet Khare How to Use Title Tags Well

Your home page and individual sub-category for web pages make sure you use Title tags well. The key phrases or you are targeting keywords with the individual pages must.
Just your business name within each title tags do not use. That’s right there in your business name, but your business name has not yet specifically. To tag a little, add a piece of descriptive text to help search engines and your visitors understand the page is about.
The title tag is not used only by search engi


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Puneet Khare Why outsourcing is essential for a website

As compared to any other marketing campaign optimization is cheaper. It takes as little cost to email, online advertising, banner ads, print ads and pay per click than ads. Invest a small amount of the search engine rankings and increase traffic to your website can create your website in the top mean. When you outsource all the functions of optimization for the company is less busy focusing on other important tasks.

Why outsourcing is essential for a website


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Puneet Khare How Will Do Fast Google Indexing

You made your website by more than one month and you already expect it to Google indexing. However, to our dismay, yet the website has not been indexed. When you write the name of your site in search engines … Nothing see. It’s frustrating because your site can not be found by Internet users. In short your site is missing. What if, however, you weeks or even days or within 24 hours within the site can be indexed in Google? It feels good be true? It is possible!

You should be ind


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Puneet Khare Top Strategies – Off Page SEO

For website owners, on page is a significant process for a website visibility. On page work does HTML page and dreamweaver. For improving a website rank on search engine,HTML to be worked on.

So, your internet genius friend has already fixed the search engine optimization on-page. Now, you need to use off-page search engine optimization. Concentrating your efforts towards back links is the best method to reach your objective because when Google, MSN, and Yahoo put a rank on a web


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Puneet Khare Web Design: Uses of CSS

Some HTML web page design was used, but it was superior technology continues to search limitations due to back years. Cascading Style Sheets or CSS while designing the website has been developed to be a better option than HTML as a method to separate parts of the design and content helps.

CSS web design addressi


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Puneet Khare How To Do Keywords Investigate

Keyword research is essential when marketing on the Internet. If you want to hit the internet marketing, become an expert on keyword research. SEO select the right keywords or break your marketing campaigns. There is research that goes into choosing the right keywords are an extensive amount. If you take the time and that’s right, you c


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Puneet Khare Value of keywords in Search engine optimization

Search engines always read text, crawl and index the website. They do not give significance to images, flash content or symbols. Therefore, you require writing the most pertinent text for your website and decorating the content with the right keywords in order to improve your page ranking in various search engine results pages.


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Puneet Khare Rules of Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Search engine optimization has long been popular word and now many business organizations and companies have gained popularity under its glory and gain. Another effective technique which is very popular Social Media Optimization or called SMO.


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Websites Are Like NASCAR

Websites Are Like NASCAR

I wrote a series of posts back in 2007 well before this site had a blog. I had a page that I used like a blog and I updated it on a regular basis. The problem was that my visitors could not make any comments. This was one in a series of posts where I compared websites to different things to make a point. I compared them to a high maintenance girlfriend. That one was later edited by Geri. I have compared them to apple pie… Continue

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Puneet Khare How to boost the Conversion Rate of Your Website

Conversion rate is the most imperative web metric in a profitable website. Conversions lead to sales, and sales leads to profits; this is why a good conversion rate is essential for long term business success. Yet this important web metric is often the hardest to figure out. SEO companies often ignore it, and leave it to


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Puneet Khare Matt Cutts Live: Caffeine Isn’t & Caffeine Not Related To Site Speed

“Caffeine is not live,” Matt Cutts told –
It still only running on one data center, Cutts said. “There’s nothing wrong.” Google is just making sure everything is good. It would roll out in the next weeks and months he said, and he made a personal guess that the next data center would be European.

Matt also said, Caffeine is “completely independent” of Google “looking at site speed as a signal.”

On the issue of site speed, Matt says you shouldn’t sweat it for SEO. Goo… Continue

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Scratch My Back Marketing Explained – The Redux

I have been discussing what I call Scratch My Back Marketing since the beginning of 2009. I figured that it was finally time to write a specific post on the topic. Scratch My Back Marketing is based on a lifestyle and spiritual principal of giving to get. That’s right as in is better to give than receive. Now, I have nothing against receiving especially if it involves material resources such as capital. However, for our purposes I will settle for great comments left on my blog.

Whe… Continue

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Pizza and Beers SEO – 700 Keyword Phrases

Pizza and Beers SEO – 700 Keyword Phrases

When anyone is considering a website or a website marketing program good research is essential. The basic idea is to explore how people express her thoughts while using a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or perhaps Bing. The problem is this; Market research can become expensive very quickly especially if you hire a research firm.

The fact is that most small business lacks both the financial infrastructure and the savvy to know how… Continue

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Puneet Khare Google Caffeine

Google has launched a new algorithm called “Google Caffeine”. The algorithm basically a mathematical problem and to filter the search results are determined. Google always try something new and this time coming with something new Google algorithm to generate relevant search results. Caffeine


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Puneet Khare Let us know Google Image Search?

Google has a devoted version of its search engine called Image Search it helps find images. As claim to be the most wide-ranging image search capability on the web, it has billions of images from websites already within its index. When penetrating for images, you can adapt the search for a variety of sizes and prefer a specific type of image you are looking for, such as a photo, clipart or head shot. When you click on a image, the image will load as a preview in one window, at the same time as… Continue

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Puneet Khare To get Top of Search Engines Rankings Through One Way Linking

One way links are links that connect to your website from others, but those which are not linked to from your website. Google and many other search engines consist of link popularity as part of the way they appraise and rank websites. Links are seen as a optimistic “vote” towards the quality of the website. As such, the more links from other relevant websites to your website, the better. Here are some of the ways to get one way links point to your website. a. Articles Writing articles is an o… Continue

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Desktop ads impressions…what is that really?

I’ve been called by phone for a prospective client and made me this question ” Do you do Desktop Ads Impressions?” and I told her: what was that? really! I didn’t know, then, while I was talking to her ( at the same time, God Bless technology, I was on Google) I googled my way in, and the concepts there were so obscure, it seems like creating an adobe air application that disguised as a searcher or a electronic magazine, also put via internet in your desktop application ads based on your profile… Continue

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