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Mobile homes come in two parts.

And pointing is epic. Bobby Butronic step aside, here comes Robert Lee. He sells mobile homes and he doesn’t really care if you buy one from him or not, “won’t hurt my feelings”. This is a great example of taking something real and seeing it for its uniqueness. This guy IS the mobile home dealer and the creative execution of introducing his mobile home team has the makings of MTV’s new reality show. Honestly though, with 450,000 views and counting on YouTube Robert is headed for local and glob… Continue

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How Social Customer Service Can Make You Money

Customer service has always been that business competency that either makes or breaks the customer experience. Over the past decade, many large organizations recognized this fact and have heavily invested in ensuring extraordinary customer service. In recent years, social customer service has become a necessity.

Social customer service can increase revenue in five ways:


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Which Social Media Channels Should You Be Using For Personal Branding

A few weeks ago I posted a matrix designed to help companies decide what social media channels they should be using. I originally intended to outline which channels are best to achieve certain personal branding goals, but as I talked with people who are leaders in personal branding; I started to get a lot of data, and decided to split the posts in two.

This post is dedicate


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How a Social Media CRM Strategy Affects Social Media ROI

We all know there are essentially 2 ways to increase ROI. Here’s a quick review: 1. Get new customers to buy your product 2. Get existing customers to buy more product The way to do this; combination of increased message reach and increased message frequency. Assume, for every 10 people I reach with a message, I get 1 conversion. (1 person buys from me).

Reach: If I reach 20 people with a mess… Continue

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Is Participatory Marketing the “Bigger Picture” of Social Media?

Brands have to participate to interact with consumers. Common buzz terms like “1.0 versus 2.0” crop up. Gary Vaynerchuk tells brands to “get in the trenches” in this blunt and accurate video. Douglas White calls it “broadcast versus engagement” in this excellent article. Everywhere marketers go, people are looking for one thing—int… Continue

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Why Is Good Social Media Content So Hard To Find In Politics?

Content is king. Nowhere is this more true than in political elections. So why is good social media content so hard to find in politics? Politics is the hot-button topic as we come into the start of another election season. We’ve been asked repeatedly for our opinion and consulting with several campaigns—doing it for free hasn’t really be practical. While we do offer some basics, a lot is left to the candidates or their volunteers. With the success of President Barack Obama’s social media camp… Continue

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Sued for a Tweet or Social Media Post? Not Impossible!

The Internet and social media have always been about free expression and free promotion, but what happens when free expression crosses the line into defaming or damaging someone or a brand? In short, can someone sue you for a Tweet? In a recent article, Deborah Spanic wrote, “the interesting point that I think may get lost in the he-said she-said of a typical defamation case, is the question of whether or not you can defame wi… Continue

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Lea Charlton & Shaquille O’Neal Invite You … Payer Player

I just had the opportunity of my lifetime this evening …
If you do not believe me … SHAME ON YOU!!!

I was on a call with Shaquille O’Neal this evening.

I joined his new social network that pays the other day – had the opportunity because of Tim G at “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work”. In fact, Matthe


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Where Did Consumer-Driven Branding Come From?

Why Brand Matters. It’s a statement, not a question. Many people think it is an obvious statement, but for many businesses it is very much a question. What is branding to a small business and why does it matter? What’s different now? Brands today are defined by the consumer. “Branding in business is not a some-time thing, it’s an all-time thing.” Every facet of your business plays into your brand. From business cards to your email signature, even how someone answers the phone—every inst… Continue

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Do You Make These Mistakes on Twitter?

Do You Make These Mistakes on Twitter? Truth is 99% of all marketers have social media DEAD WRONG! In fact, I only know one guy that has it dialed-in like a funk radio station on a Saturday Night! Perry Belcher Get his new report titled FREE right now: “3 Big Ways to Monetize Social Meda without Pissing People Off” now!… Continue

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Subj: 3 Big Ways To Monetize Social Media…Without Pissing People Off

Subj: 3 Big Ways To Monetize Social Media…Without Pissing People Off You can start making money starting today with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc?without ever being spammy, tricky or salesy But you have to pay attention right NOW! Grab this free 17 page PDF “3 Big Ways To Monetize Social Media” now and prepare to be shocked by w… Continue

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Viral milestone was Hollywood remake

Media and hype are inseparable. They are like flowers and bees. The flower always attracts the bee, which needs it to produce food. The bee returns the favor by helping the flower reproduce. The hype-bee has no appetite for a media-flower unless it is wil… Continue

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Download Our Toolbar


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The Art of the Tweet

Posting a message on Twitter, or Tweeting, sounds and looks easy enough. 140 characters to write what’s on your mind. Of course, delivering a solid brand message is a little more than simply updating your followers to your morning coffee choice. Some of it is some old fashioned PR principles. You’ve got an important message to get out to your followers. There are times when 140 characters can be downright constricting. Yet there are people delivering effective marketing or brand messages with e… Continue

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me2e soon to reach milestone 500,000th member, if could be you…

me2e soon to reach milestone 500,000th member, if could be you… below is the latest news update from the social networking site me2e. it’s in regard to what will happen when the 500,000th person registers as a member. it could be you… —————————————————————————– News Update July 1st Me2e: “Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow me2everyone achieves the milesto… Continue

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Social Media: Improve Your Signal to Noise Ratio

An explosion of social media popularity has sent a flurry of new broadcasts out into the “tweetosphere” producing a lot more noise. Kind of like getting every FM radio station at once. No one is arguing the value of your message on social media. It’s clear that the right business using the right social media tools can have a huge impact in their marketplace. But how does a business push through the social media noise? In the audio world (and a lot of others) there is a term called “… Continue

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ATTENTION: New Social Networking Site Me2e Has Awesome New Incentive Contest…

ATTENTION: New Social Networking Site Me2e Has Awesome New Incentive Contest… Hi, Below is a segment from the me2e site’s “Latest News” section in regard to how the top 2000 members can gain bonus shares by just referring new member sign ups. ————————- Latest Updates June 25th ————————— “…Always seeking fresh ways to inspire me2e members we are ready to give you some really g… Continue

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Monetize This!

It seems that business pundits are of the mind that many of the successful social networks that exist today are doomed to fail because of a crippling inability to monetize themselves. I’ve thought about this and I’d like to take a moment to mount my digital soapbox. After much reflection, I think that this is not only a myopic point of view, but that it is exactly this line of thinking that will in fact bring down social networking as we know it. I’ll be honest with you; in college I didn’t exa… Continue

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Get Zooks , helping you to help Others

Getzooks is a new social networking platform that came into fruition, mainly due to the interest so many people showed in the “My Music Ticket” fiasco. Getzooks uses the basic web 2.0 concept of helping others and in turn helping yourself. In fact with what is going to be available with the software you could likely say that Getzooks is a for runner to where marketing Web 3.0 is going to take us. Portions of the money generated by Getzooks will go towards helping people in the world less fortuna… Continue

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Hip-Hoppers are embracing Social Media on LoveTheCool SHOW (Episode 2)

SPOHKES and his crew talked to us about hip-hop, social media and living for inspiration. And no joke, wrote the song ‘FOLLOW ME’ and recorded it, in the two hours we were with him. WHERE SPOHKES LIVES Blog MySpaceContinue

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