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The new media – a journalist’s perspective

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Since there was a thing called “Media”, we’ve associated it with newspaper headlines, radio broadcasts and TV News. But the advent of social media, the bloggersphere and social networks has prompted us to rethink what we mean by “Mass Media”. Anyone who can write a blog or put up a podcast might be considered to be in the media business in a very real sense, beca


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Latest Reputation Online episode now available

‘Reputation Online’ is an audio podcast about how individuals and organisations can develop and protect their reputation on the internet.

This week we talk to academic and corporate trainer Carol Moore about measurement and evaluation of PR programs, particularly in the


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If you’re not online, you’re definitely offline!

Environment LOVE for art gets big on Twitter!

What’s the link between Danube Delta and street art?


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Can I catch Happiness from My Twitter Community?

A year ago, Clive Thompson wrote


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Tweet Your Way to a New Job

Last night I presented Tweet Your Way to a New Job to the Greater Seattle Jewish Business Network (GSJBN). I talked about my experience using Twitter to help in my job search. We had some great discussions around job searches and how to use social media to further your efforts. I think several people found it helpful. The presentation is posted here.


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Sued for a Tweet or Social Media Post? Not Impossible!

The Internet and social media have always been about free expression and free promotion, but what happens when free expression crosses the line into defaming or damaging someone or a brand? In short, can someone sue you for a Tweet? In a recent article, Deborah Spanic wrote, “the interesting point that I think may get lost in the he-said she-said of a typical defamation case, is the question of whether or not you can defame wi… Continue

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Be diffferent–the way to CP+B’s heart

Some of you may have already known about this but I just found this article and wanted to share. Interesting approach, but the point was to be different. I say, if you want to get someone’s attention, get someone’s attention. Simple. That’s what this guy did. There’s also something to be said about being first. Go here to read more.… Continue

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The Art of the Tweet

Posting a message on Twitter, or Tweeting, sounds and looks easy enough. 140 characters to write what’s on your mind. Of course, delivering a solid brand message is a little more than simply updating your followers to your morning coffee choice. Some of it is some old fashioned PR principles. You’ve got an important message to get out to your followers. There are times when 140 characters can be downright constricting. Yet there are people delivering effective marketing or brand messages with e… Continue

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Social Media: Improve Your Signal to Noise Ratio

An explosion of social media popularity has sent a flurry of new broadcasts out into the “tweetosphere” producing a lot more noise. Kind of like getting every FM radio station at once. No one is arguing the value of your message on social media. It’s clear that the right business using the right social media tools can have a huge impact in their marketplace. But how does a business push through the social media noise? In the audio world (and a lot of others) there is a term called “… Continue

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Hip-Hoppers are embracing Social Media on LoveTheCool SHOW (Episode 2)

SPOHKES and his crew talked to us about hip-hop, social media and living for inspiration. And no joke, wrote the song ‘FOLLOW ME’ and recorded it, in the two hours we were with him. WHERE SPOHKES LIVES Blog MySpaceContinue

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97% of Twitter members think brands should engage with customers on Twitter!

There have been a lot of studies of Twitter users lately. Have you seen this study by PMN that says only 22% of Gen Y consumers are using Twitter. Or this Harvard Business Review study of 300,000 users reveals that the 10% of Twitte


Added by Warren Sukernek on June 4, 2009 at 10:52pm — No Comments’s Twitter RFP – A Case Study

Current Twitter RFP
View more presentation

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Twitter: If I Put A Smiley Face On The End Can I Say Whatever I Want?

Sometimes I wish I never got married Sometimes I wish I never got married 🙂 You suck. You suck. 🙂 I know everyone thinks I’m hot I know everyone thinks I’m hot 🙂 Global warming is a myth Global warming is a myth 😉 I’m a genius I’m a genius 🙂 Hey, I guess it is true – if I put a smiley face on the end I can say whatever the fuck I want. 🙂 @MichelleMMM Continue

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140: The Twitter Conference – Who’s in?

Every day we hear about Twitter’s popularity – Record number of users, new celebrity members, Ashton Kutcher and his 1,000,000 followers. Another indicator of Twitter’s growth and popularity is the number of conferences popping up. Jeff Pulver is putting on his 140 characters confer


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I’m amazed at the constant apps, widgets and unique ways people are using twitter. My favorite use of twitter itself is searching trends and subject matter. It is such a global real time research tool that I find myself down spirals of twitter threads looking for something. Here is a cool app that allows for you to search terms/subjects and in a fun display. Enjoy. Continue

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Twitter helps Alaska Airlines to go North of Expected

Living in Seattle, Alaska Airlines is the home town airline. So recently I took special interest in the company’s presence on Twitter. I reached out to Elliott Pesut who maintains the AlaskaAir twitter account to get his perspective on Twitter and how the company


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Courtney Love On Twitter

Courtney Love is everything I want in a rock star. She is the rock star that can’t help but be one. She’s one in spite of herself. Check out her Twitter stream: @CourtneyLover79 She’s already being sued by someone pissed off… Continue

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Convergence: Mark Zuckerberg is now on Twitter

While reading my blog feeds over coffee this morning, I read on VentureBeat that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, created a public account on Twitter.

After reading the article, I checked out his account and foll


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How would you spend $20M?

As you may have seen this weekend on Techcrunch, or Read Write Web, Twitter is preparing to raise another round of capital, probably at least $20M. Based on the funding, its valuation is now $250M. Not too shabby in a weak


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