Blog is very powerfull tool in internet business. But in many different fields peole can have a lack of ideas what to write about on business blog. Here are few ideas about what to write about on real estate blog?
Firts of all, the best way is to concentrate on your geo location, where you are selling real estates. Like, make a blog that will cover mostly real estate in Montenegro, or real estate in London, for example.

Then, the ideas for different themes (categories):

1. Why it is good living in that City, Country, etc
2. Most important news about location you cover.
3. Changes and trends in real estate business.
4. News about your agency.
5. Good expiriences from your clients.
6. Interviews with big real estate names, contractors, goverment officials related to real estate, etc.
7. Photo galleries of areas, buildings, flats, …

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