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There are many ways to hurt, but only one way to cry.

CHILD ABUSE has been, is, and unfortunately will be one of the top maladies in every country of the world. Child Abuse damages and destroys the spirit and lives of countless children. Children are mankind’s most precious resource, our greatest asset; that must not be wasted or treated carelessly. Without children, there is no mankind. Children must be loved and treasured by all if mankind is to have a future. We must all be the keeper of our children’s fate, particularly since children are the weakest and the most helpless of humans, who are thus prone to suffer the most… We are what our children become. Help your children, by stopping any form of Child Abuse.

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I suspect that the world’s demagogues, tyrants, dictators – the most brutal murderers and the perpetuators of the biggest and smallest massacres and holocausts, were abused as children. Certainly we have some of the abuse on record – think of the training of the Assyrian emperors and the ancient ceremonies of the rites of passage.

But how is it possible that a Hitler, or a Stalin, or an Idi Amin, wasn’t abused? We could, further, classify whole elements of the code of the Islamists, of Sharia, as child abuse. (How does a whole legal code develop, that is so desperate for control of every area of life that it must lock away half its productive members and close off any possibility for innovation or growth – condemning itself to eternal poverty and never understanding the real reason why? Worse, in its stated goal of world domination, it will kill the globe’s engines of prosperity and turn the planet into first an economic desert, then an environmental one, because Sharia is incompatible not just with democracy but with any kind of economic productivity.)

Even if we take into account the stories of malformed and injured frontal lobes, which eliminate a person’s ability to consider the consequences of his/her actions. It’s certainly possible that a person can be born with frontal-lobe problems, or other structural problems in the brain.

So I don’t think it’s going too far – maybe not even far enough – to say that child abuse is in fact the root of all evil.

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Buuuuuuuullshit…Being bad, evil or mistreating someone is simply a choice. People CHOOSE to do the bad things they do because they’ve weighed the consequences against the personal “rewards” and found that their soul can handle the outcome. Everyone has a deeply ingrained sense of right and wrong…some choose to ignore the “shit this is really evil crap here” feelings and continue on…

My dad beat me so that gives me carte blanche to shoot up a preschool?

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It is most often a choice, and almost all of us are responsible for our behavior. You’re right.

And there are factors in some people’s backgrounds – some going back thousands of years – and in some people’s brain structures – that make the choice to be violent and abusive easier or harder. In other cases, brain chemistry or anatomy would take away the choice completely – those people would just have to be locked up once diagnosed.

(Think of the guy in the 1890s who had the stick driven through the frontal lobes and went from sweetest guy in the world to complete asshole. Drive the stick in a different place, and he becomes a classic antisocial, per DSM-IV. If he’s also murderously violent, then you’ve got a problem you wither can’t fix or can only fix with meds and maybe surgery.)

There is also a question of degree. Your dad beat you, and you’re an upright guy. Lots of people are. But there’s beating, and then there’s beating. There’s also torture (per the Geneva convention definition) and rape, and there are combinations thereof. Send some of those back in a cycle of generational violence in a culture for a few millennia, and make them normal, and it’s no wonder we get some pretty weird ideas trying to wipe out parts of our culture.

(‘Course if they do, that’ll kill the planet a lot faster than global warming. The one thing Sharia does not teach is any form of economic productivity. I think it would shut down agriculture and industry as we know it and reduce the global population to about a billion people, most of whom would be starving.)

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TJ, please do not use this type of dirty language, “Buuuuuuuullshit…” in this forum.
I find it very abusive, motherfucker. Thank you.

Yours truly,

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The problem is that the idea of child abuse and pedophilia in the UK is out of control. It is like a national obssession which leads to more fear and distrust amongst adults. So many parents are scared now to take kids to parks or let other parents leave their kids with them. You cant take a camera to my kids school plays or sports days anymore – you cant baby sit other peoples kids today because of fear – you have to be careful what photos of your kids go to the lab (pictures of kids in baths can get you introuble – apparently) – a childs word is more likely to be seen as truth than an adults !!

Child abuse is unforgivable dont get me wrong I have two. – but want counts as abuse is getting re-written too. Everything is abusive in our nanny state world – shouting, denying sweets, saying NO,

When children where abused in the UK in the 60’s they were rescued and looked after by the church of foster homes… we know what happened to some of those children.

TJ – are you saying we have free will? Why do some fanilies have a long history of child abuse….

Buddy – are you saying we shouldn’t fucking swear anymore?

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I agree with you…the Nanny State has gotten out of control. Reminds me of the girls who accused all those innocent women of being witches in Salem back in the 1600’s. I’ll tell you a story when I get back about a day I took a daughter of mine and one of her friends to a local park for some innocent pictures…talk about making me feel like a absolute creep.

Anyway, long history…

Simply because those who are perpetrating it don’t care about the results to the offended…those that are suffering from it don’t report it until 20 years later, after all that damage has been done…and those that suspect it happening don’t have the effing balls to get involved enough to say something to someone who can and WOULD do something about it. The world NEEDS more DEXTER’s in it.

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@ PoWELL…Why do little ducks imprint on big ducks? People know what they know, good, bad, or indifferent. Shit passes through and on.

Do not talk dirty around children, Limey. I am a child at heart.

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It’s Friday and I have a hang over. What are you saying?

Supposing you were not talking from the metaphorical, post-modern, philosophical cafe what do you really mean in plain English.

We are all children at heart Buddy – 3 ego states Child, Parent and Adult – Eric Berne

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This really touches my heart.
I’ve always wanted to help defeat the problem…and even offered my creative services to groups. But, ws ignored.
So, what can we do about the problem…as marketing people?
I believe in empowering the individual and perhaps this is a tack.

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Terry, find or suggest sponsors who can turbo charge the distribution of Iva’s message with proper funding, so more people can see it more often. Let me know. I’ll forward it to Iva.

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